Vaccination Feline Non Oral Nosode - 30ml
Vaccination Feline Non Oral Nosode - 30ml
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Vaccination Feline Non Oral Nosode - 30ml

  • Get a Titre Test first, see if your pet needs re-vaccination.
  • Homeoprophylaxis maintains felines immunity from viral 
    and bacterial infections using oral nosodes.
  • Oral Nosodes for FIP, FIV,Cat Flu, FPV, FeLv, FTLV.
  • Maintain Immunity from feline diseases, non-toxic alternative.
  • Can start at  4-week old kittens, lactating, pregnant cats
  • For Australian Residents needing the safe alternative to "Feline Disease Protection"

    Option to prevent dangerous side effects from unnecessary over Vaccinations. Re-vaccinating your pet, when sick, would be like pouring gasoline (petrol) on fire.

2.  Feline Oral Nosodes 

Oral nosodes have been used in homeopathic medicine since the mid-1800s. Nosodes are relatively unknown in veterinary practice and somewhat controversial in holistic veterinary practice. Many benefits have been noted, including a decrease in the severity and frequency of disease. Although nosodes are still controversial as a replacement for traditional vaccinations, evidence of their safety and efficacy is growing.The nosodes do not produce a titer response.

This set of homeoprophylaxis will help maintain a feline immunity against viral and bacterial infection. 

Dosage Instruction and Feline Certificate included.  One bottle will treat 20 or more cats and kittens for many years. 

(will protect hundreds of Felines - kittens and adults)
Dosing:  easy to apply large numbers of pets, adding a dose some food. 
Expiry date:  shelf life of small or large formula bottles will last several years if kept away from direct heat and sunlight. 
Larger Sizes: 50ml (1.7oz) Liquid formula will provide up to 50 or more canines or 100ml (3.4oz) liquid formula will provide for more than 100 canines 

DOSING:  one dose is approx.  2 - 3 drops in food or on the body.  
Same for a kitten to adult, safe for pregnant cats. When a pup or kitten (as early at 4 weeks of age) starts on the nosodes when is it safe after 3 days for them to come in contact with other animals outside of the family or park.Example: if an 8-week old puppy has been only given 3 days’ worth of the or nosode dosing  - that will render their immune from nasties it might pick up in the park like parvo etc.

FELINE ORAL NOSODE dosing protocol: 

One dose once a day for four days 
One dose once a week for 4 weeks 
One dose once, per month for 4 months 
Then booster of one dose once per year for four years, then no more needed thereafter. (one dose is 3- 4 drops on body or in food)

There is a separate product for Parvovirus in cats (a different disease from dogs)
Protection from this feline virus (FPV) is included as part of the general feline nosodes set.

Non Drug (prophylactic - preventative) Feline Oral Nosode Prescription for all ages.

  • Homeoprophylaxis maintains felines immunity from viral and bacterial infections using oral nosodes.

1. Feline Oral Nosode  30ml Liquid Form
Contains homeopathic oral nosode complex: FIP, FIV, Cat Flu, FPV, FeLv, FTLV, Borrelia Burgdoferi bacteria nosode (lyme infection), Ledum 30C.

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