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Turkey Tail Mushroom- 50ml
Turkey Tail Mushroom- 50ml
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Turkey Tail Mushroom- 50ml


* Aids in fighting cancer

* Slows the aging process

* Manages Inflammation

* Supports gut health

*Supports the immune system

* Fights oxidative stress

For small animals, toy dogs, cats, rabbits, Sml to Med size dogs, Med to Lrg pet or animal of all ages.

Contains HERBAL LIQUID EXTRACT of Turkey Tail (coriolus versicolor) - Turkey-tail Fungus aka the Yunzhi Mushroom

Information on the mushroom herb "Turkey Tail"

Turkey Tail fruit  (coriolus versicolor)  extract  (Turkey-tail Fungus aka the Yunzhi Mushroom). By increasing immune function killer cells, Turkey tail extract fights viruses.  Its mycelium also excretes strong antiviral compounds, specifically active against Human papillomavirus (HPV), which causes cervical cancer, and hepatitis C virus (HEP-C), which causes liver cancer.  Experts at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center reviewed over two dozen  (mainly Japanese) scientifically controlled studies on the use of PSK  as an adjunct treatment for cancers of the esophagus, stomach, colon, or breast.    

Note:  that PSK may not be as effective against liver cancer or leukemia.   

Studies were done using "Turkey Tail Herb" in dogs with hemangiosarcoma. In the wake of these impressive results, researchers at U Penn mounted a study of the effects of the Turkey Tail supplement, on Hemangiosarcoma in dogs. The study was funded by Chinese Medicine Holding LTD. and released in September 2012.  In this study, fifteen dogs that had been diagnosed with naturally occurring hemangiosarcoma participated in the trial. Dividing the subjects into three groups of five, each group received a different dose of Turkey Tail capsules at — 25, 50 or 100 mg/kg/day.  Owners were able to treat their animals at home with the supplement and to return to U Penn on a monthly basis for blood samples and ultrasounds to determine the extent that tumours had developed or spread in the dogs’ bodies. The results astonished the researchers.  “We were shocked,” Cimino Brown of Penn State said. “Prior to this, the longest reported median survival time of dogs with hemangiosarcoma of the spleen that underwent no further treatment was 86 days. We had dogs that lived beyond a year with nothing other than this mushroom as treatment.”   Better yet, the dogs undergoing treatment with Turkey Tail demonstrated no negative side effects. The dogs’ lives were being extended while still maintaining a good quality of life. While dogs receiving the highest dosage, 100 mg/day, had the longest median survival time, it was noted that the difference in survival times between dosages was not statistically significant.

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