Travel Ease - Car or Float
Travel Ease - Car or Float
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Travel Ease - Car or Float

Behavior - floating equines, car sickness or fear.

  • Travel sick or fearful of traveling in a car
  • Horses that get stressed when floating.
  • Non-drug prescriptions for all species.

Animals who are fearful, hyperactive and nervous, or the ones that get acute car motion sickness.

Horses that are not good at traveling on a float or difficult to load, etc.

Travel Ease - floating or Car
A dose every 15 mins, repeating for 3 treatments before going on a car ride or long trip. Repeat a dose during the trip as needed to help calm and ease the pet or animal. Some animals get motion sickness nausea, panting, fearfulness, hiding, or hyper and won't settle. Ease loading for equines and calming on traveling. This is not a tranquilizer just a calming sense.

Travel Ease 30ml Bottle - Car Traveling or Horse Float
Contains custom made Homeopathic formula: Cocc, Tabu, Rescue Remedy 6X, 200C, CM, Tissues Salt "Nerve Tonic" CM

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