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Trace Minerals
Trace Minerals
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Trace Minerals

Humans have over worked the environment so much that it has affected our soil and it's natural mineral rich resources to a point that our produce, even if it's organic is depleted in these micro-nutrients.

By adding trace minerals to your dog's health care regimen, this way you can rest  assured that diabetes are at bay and your companion is safe from deficiencies which often don't show up until and unless a major sickness occurs. You may start to see your dog itching alot but you will never associate that it could be silica or zinc deficiency yet neither the vet or owner will ever be able to connect the dots.

Lots of dogs have lots of symptoms these days - the epidemics are rising and veterinarians are failing at diagnosing the problems at the root cause. Prescribing drugs and steroids and calling it "treatment" has become the mantra at vet clinics - only to find out a few days or even a few weeks later that the "treatment" has failed and now the dog needs even more stronger drugs and steroids to manage daily activities at a minimum. Then when another visit calls for the vet, pet owners are lost and now, the liver and kidney numbers start going off the roof. So now the toxic vet adds even more drugs to manage liver and kidney numbers. Soon pet owners realize the their poor dog is left with very low quality of life so much so that many dogs are barely able to breath normally and the pet owners are left with heavy vet bills.


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