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Due to a high demand for our freeze dry meals and suppier delays we are experiencing longer than normal manufacturing times. We are working hard to get your orders out to you at the earliest time frame. Please contact us with any queries. Thank You

Toothpaste for Dogs - 50g
Toothpaste for Dogs - 50g
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Toothpaste for Dogs - 50g

5 Steps to Getting Clean Teeth & Healthy Gums in Dogs:-

1. Buy the tartar removal tool - Buy this tool from the same area where you get your toothpaste/toothbrush. You don't need a special 'dog' tool -  in fact, a human tartar tool is much stronger and better as it always carries more liability (company's responsibility). It is also cheaper as it is a common product and not just 'for-dog'. For your convenience, You only need 1 - do not waste your money getting a whole set or so. Also, while at the store, pick up SOFT baby toothbrush. Your dog does not need any special 'dog-toothbrush' - just any soft, kids one will do.

2. Start scrapping your dog's teeth - Sit down when you and your dog are done with the day or you can even sit out in the sun and do it while enjoying some great sunlight! Slowly start scrapping the tartar off going towards the gums but not touching the gums. You will learn this as time goes by and will get better the more you do. Keep scrapping and the tartar will start coming off - even one that is stubborn will come off eventually. Be patient. Do as many teeth as you can but important thing is that you and your dog start this regimen right away.

3. After you are done with scrapping, take a bit of our toothpaste and very lightly brush your dogs teeth with it or you can apply it simply via your finger. Our toothpaste is anti-bacterial and soothing and will make sure your dog does not have any inflammation in the gums/mouth.

4. Repeat the procedure till completely clean - Repeat steps 2 - 3 till your dog's mouth is completely clean. If starting first time, this might be spread over few days or so. If your dog is mild, has little bit of plaque and tartar and you have a good command on your dog, then this can be done in one "sitting".

 5. Brush 2-3 times a week with our toothpaste - The truth is you DON'T need to brush your dog's teeth every single day! In fact, that might end up irritating the gums. Just 2 times or 3 is enough. 

Brush your dog's teeth the natural way that works! Our formula using Bi Carb Soda, Organic Coconut Oil, Calcium Powder and Organic Peppermint Essential Oil, you can keep teeth and gums healthy without any health risks.

This is it! You will not only save thousands in vet bills but most of all, your dog will be healthy with clean teeth, healthy liver/kidney function, healthy heart and blood when toxins from the mouth and the food will not be circulating in the body.

This is exactly what you pay your vet to do - under anaesthetic. What do you think your money is buying? Your vet is fooling you and the vets along with the pharmaceutical companies are getting rich - but your dog is the one paying the ultimate price. When your dog is inside the room, this is how your vet scrapes the tartar off!! Once you start doing it, you will be SHOCKED at why you ever put your dog through it and why no one ever told you - there is NO need for anaesthetic and it is all so-easy!

While scraping, you might have some blood pop out. This is normal - this also happens when vets do it. As you get better, hardly any issue will prevail. But to think that vets can do it better and no blood oozes out of the gums is naive conclusion. Keep doing the scraping, slowly and you will have a firm hand. Keep a small piece of soft tissue and keep wiping the tartar/plaque as it comes off, and if any blood is there as you progress.

Get the tool and start bonding with your dog, because that is what this is. A bonding experience that serves both of you - your wallet and your dog's health and happiness! so you both can live together for a very long time!

Probiotics provide oral health benefits when you give them orally or apply them directly onto your dogs gums … especially when using multiple strains of bacteria. This direct action allows these beneficial bacteria to form colonies to create a healthier biofilm in the mouth. (Biofilm is a community of microorganisms like bacteria that form a slimy or sticky layer on surfaces – like plaque on teeth. Biofilm protects the microorganisms and makes them harder to eliminate.)

Research shows oral probiotics applied topically reduce inflammation and bad bacteria that lead to periodontal disease. And they improve bone density. Giving a daily oral dose of probiotics and rubbing some on the gums is a simple way to provide oral care for your dog and improve his dental health. Use our raw powdered probiotic (you can also empty out capsules) and rub it on the gums. 

And if your dog has doggy breath, you’ll notice fresher breath when using probiotics. 

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