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Due to a high demand for our freeze dry meals and suppier delays we are experiencing longer than normal manufacturing times. We are working hard to get your orders out to you at the earliest time frame. Please contact us with any queries. Thank You

Tick Bite First Aid Kit
Tick Bite First Aid Kit
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Tick Bite First Aid Kit

Rocky Mountain spotted fever (rickettsia) Australian Paralysis Ticks, respiratory, bladder issues. Use for perennial rye grass toxicosis. For ALL SPECIES.

  • Queensland Tick Typhus & acute Rickettsial tick bites
  • Perennial Ryegrass toxicosis in farm animals.
  • Rocky Mountain spotted fever (rickettsia) protection.
  • Lyme tick bites are worldwide, despite what authorities say.
  • Paralysis Tick- all along with eastern states coast (toxic one)

Set of 8 - TICK BITE KIT - for all species.

PREVENTION and TOXICOSIS  - Tick Toxicity or Rye grass Treatment.
Emergency Treatment KIT for all species.
7  x   Homeopathic remedies  - 15ml liquid bottles.
1  x   Vitamin C (Sodium Ascorbate) 125g liquid Soluble
3  x   Oral syringes (3ml, 6ml, 12ml sizes for different species size species)


1. Tick Paralysis Oral Nosodes 15ml 
Contains homeopathic, nosode complex: Tick paralysis nosode 30C, 200C, 1M, (Ixodes Holocuclus), QLD Typhus Tick nosode 6C, 30C, 200C,1M, Lyme spirochete borrelis nosode 30C, Rocky Mountain spotted fever (rickettsia) nosode 200C, Ledum 1M (to antidote puncture wound of the tick bites).

Suggest Dosing:
CANINE: leading up to and through "tick season", add 2 to 3 drops in meals once to twice a week. Otherwise, the non-tick season can/ or also stir in 3 - 4 drops to water dish once a week or every time you change water bowl if more than once a week.
FELINE: mix 3 drops in meals once a week.
FARM ANIMALS, WILDLIFE, FERAL ANIMALS:    stir in a dose to water trough and dam, a waterhole. 
EQUINE: please apply to the head area as well as a dose to rump area - this seems to repel from both ends of the horse, can do the same with other larger animals. It will not stop them from attaching to the body, but if a toxic bite tick will not have an acute reaction to it if bitten. However, having said that, we do get reports that pets and equines have less to nil ticks found on them after application.   

* If you only want the prevention rather than the complete set -  Refer to Product Paralysis Tick Oral Nosode drops.


Dosing, apply drops to the body.  Formulas below no. 2 to 8

2. TOXICOSIS  15ml liquid
Contains homeopathic, nosodes, sarcodes, complex:   Tick Paralysis Nosode (Ixodes Holocuclus) 30C, 200C,1M, Ledum 30X, 30C,1M, (antidote puncture wound of the tick bite), Lathyrus Sativus 200C, 50M, MM, (paralysis lower extremities, motor ataxia), Nerve Spinal-Thoracic Plexus sarcode CM, HAMPL Trachi formula 200C ( which has organ sarcode of the Muscle Facial Suprahyoid 30X, (NAR) Spasms mix 200C, with LM6 Throat Formula 6X, (DR), Esophagus formula 200C, CM - prevent or relief from oesophagus stricture or paralysis), Hypericum 10M (nerve pain or nerve damages), Hydrastis (infection), Lymes bacteria spirochote borrelia Ixodes tick bite sarcode MM, Rocky Mountain spotted fever nosode 200C (Richetsia), Morgan Gertner Nosode 1M, Belladonna 6X,30C (fever), Botulinum nosode 50M, Tuberculinumi Nosode 6X, Shigella Nosode 12X, Acon Nap 1M (shock, hemorrhage, acute symptoms), Brown Dog Tick Nosode detox 200C, Isotonic Plasma sarcode 200C (blood detox), Organs 12C, 1M, Arse Met 10M, (weakness, infection), Typhus Tick nosode 50M, Black Widow spider bite toxins detox 6C,10M, Scorpion venom 12C (nerve, paralysis), Naja Nigricollis Venom 1M, Anthrax Bacillus 1M,10M, Tetanus 200C, (NAR) Motor Ataxia formula (neurological damages) 1M, Thyroidinum nosode 30X,1M (tachycardia), Nerve Cranial sarcode MM, (NAR) Brain-paralysis formula 200C, Carbolicum Acid 10M (central nervous system), Absinthum 6C,10M (nervous tremors)
~ Acute "toxic reaction" to the tick bites. Lyme bacteria tick bite detox, Queensland Tick Typhus (Acute Rickettsial), Paralysis Tick Bite, Perennial Ryegrass Toxicosis. prevention or aiding pet or animal from... acute paralysis of the muscles, paralysis or stricture of the throat - esophagus, weakness or paralysis of the extremities (limbs), staggers.

3. Heart Support 15ml  liquid
~ Prevention of congestive heart failure or support from possible Pulmonary (lung) edema, is secondary to congestive heart failure symptoms.

4. LungOdema  15ml  liquid
Contains homeopathic nosode, sarcode complex:  Carbo Veg 1M, Caffeinum 12C,10M (extreme feebleness, threatened heart failure, pulmonary and cardiac edema), Mercurius Cyan 200C, 10M (lung, angina) Stannum Met 30C,10M, (pulmonary or bronchial disorder), HAMPL Congestive Heart 22-1 formula.
~ Use if needed, prevent or for myocardial depression and diastolic failure, cardiogenic pulmonary edema - congestive heart failure.

5.  Rescue Blend  15ml liquid
~ Use to resolve shock, stress for the body.

6.  Spasm formula 15ml liquid
~ Use if needed - muscle spasms parts or whole body.

7. Bladder Paralysis 15ml  liquid
~ Use if needed or use as prevention - bladder issues, paralysis of the sphincter, urinary blockages or weakness.

8.   Vitamin C  (Liposomal) 50ml Liquid   * Using an Oral syringe
~ Use this to antidotes poisons - snake bites, tick bites, spider bites, parvo.

*1ml (approx 3 drops) contains 50mg fresh plant.

Small animal, cat, toy dog, rabbit, wildlife: add 5 to 10 drops in meals.   
Small dog or Med size dog: add 30 to 60 drops (or  1/2 - 1  teaspoon) to meals
Med-Large Pet or Animal: add 30 to 60 drops (or  1/2 - 1  teaspoon) to meals
Horse: use 15 drops in apple juice oral syringe it.
For humans, just add one teaspoon to your morning smoothie, sauces, spreads or desserts! 

If unwell or need to anti dote - 
repeat hourly, up to 6 x daily until improved then can reduce 3 to 4 x daily.  Add a dose to some water or chicken or beef broth or neat and oral syringe

The homeopathic formula works well for any type of toxicosis!

Example:   "Tick bites from a tick that has a toxic bite "  and  "Perennial Rye Grass Toxicosis" in farm animals"  eating certain types of grass. E.g. Perennial ryegrass toxicosis which presents symptoms of a staggering type of paralysis.

~  Perennial Rye Grass Toxicosis. 
This remedy is also used for farm animals who have got Perennial ryegrass toxicosis. (can also use as a prevention in farm water trough, stir in a dose once a week for all to share). Assisting an animal (of any size or species) put drops on the body or water trough, if you can touch the animal mix a tablespoon of vitamin c crystals in warm water (say half a cup) add the paralysis remedy and if you have it add the Rescue remedy as well. Shake and then oral syringe at least 10ml. Repeat frequently to get fast results. E.g. if given every 15 mins of say three repeat sessions, you will see a huge difference after the second or third repeat. Continue dosing if needed, less frequently if the animal is still not up and moving fully. In some cases, if the animal is dehydrated, or advanced weakness give Sub Q fluids or IV drip to hydrate, can hook up two bags at the same time if need be for faster results.

~  Tick Bite (we are talking about ticks that have a toxic bite, not all ticks are toxic) 
When is its high season for the toxic type of ticks in the Eastern States of Australia?  Larvae appear late Feb to April / May (not causing toxic damages)  Nymphs March to September / October(occasional mild toxins, opportunity to gain resistance in tick-infested areas).The adult population emerges in August to February, peaking around December (Toxic season so search for ticks on your pets daily!)

Tick Removal 

Grasp the tick very close to your pet's skin with a tick removal tool or a pair of tweezers. Carefully pull the tick's body away from the skin.  Or buy a "Tick Stick" tool and have it on hand if ever needed. Once it's off, flush it down the toilet. Once it's off, flush it down the toilet. Then disinfect your dog or cat's skin with Vitamin C powder (made into a paste or liquid by adding some water).   * If suspect a toxic tick, then vitamin c can remove toxins, discomfort, also give a teaspoon of vitamin c in some water ( about 1/4 cup or less) and oral syringe small sips till liquid is taken. (not all ticks have are toxic or have side effects)

Signs of Tick Toxicity

Signs most commonly seen include - may not or may show vomiting and/or gagging or refusing food,  often seen is a slight wobbliness of the hindquarters which worsens to paralysis and inability to stand, a change in the sound of bark or meow, difficulty breathing (slow and laboured, often with a grunting noise on expiration.   Not all of these symptoms are seen.  If your pet is showing ANY of these signs and you don't have a natural treatment for tick bite, it is IMPORTANT that your pet is treated appropriately AS SOON AS POSSIBLE as untreated animals may die.  .. e.g. vitamin C oral dosing, bach flowers rescue remedy shock), see below information.

Sometimes you may find a tick or ticks on your pet and it is not showing any clinical signs. In such cases, you should remove all the ticks, keep your pet quiet and closely watch him/her for the next 24-36 hours as signs may still develop despite the removal of the ticks. If this happens, treatment is necessary. The toxin is not secreted in detectable amounts until 3 days of attachment.

Clinical signs of the animal being sick are often seen at day 3-4 with peak toxicity on days 5-6. These 3 days gives us a chance to find and to remove ticks before they inject large amounts of toxin. Not every animal will become paralyzed or get really sick. Weight, age, and immune competence count smaller and younger animals such as puppies, kittens, foals, calves, lambs, and kids are more affected. Tick infested areas may continuously expose dogs so they develop immune resistance however it only lasts for a couple of months and not until the next season. However, infestation by adults can occur at any time of the year when conditions are suitable, even in mid-winter.

If You live in the Eastern States of Australia and have found a tick, or your pet is acting strange wobbly legs etc possible "Toxic Tick Bite Illness" Not all ticks are toxic, there are over 800 ticks that are harmless.

What to do right now if you found a tick and pet is showing symptoms?

While you wait for the homeopathic remedies to arrive here is what you need to do if you cannot get to a vet straight away as well as while your pet is in the Vet clinic.

1. Shock -Very Important to use the Bach Flowers "Rescue Remedy" drops - for the shock. (as shock can kill). by applying 3 to 4 drops on the body ( e.g. back of shoulders or top of the head or on paws, gum of mouth) as one dose. The Bach Flowers "Rescue Remedy" drops can be bought from health food stores and some chemists. Put three to four drops on top of head OR gum - mouth or paws where the skin is. Repeat every 3 to 5 minutes. Usually, by the third or four repeat application, improvement is seen. Then continue every hour or so 6 times a day until your tick remedies arrive.

2. Vitamin C  - giving it orally. - right now  (buy from health food store)
Buy a packet of  Vitamin C (sodium ascorbate powder from health food stores) dissolve in water and given "orally" - side of mouth using an oral syringe.      *  If unable to swallow ask the Vet to give injectable Vitamin C  (bottle of ascorbic acid) from stock feeders. (must inject slowly though as painful).   Example: Med size dog - mix approx. 3 to 5 teaspoons of vitamin C powder in a cup of warm water. then oral syringe small amounts until 5 - 10ml is taken, repeat, every 15 minutes for 4 hours. Then can reduce to repeating four times a day - spread out.   ~  Make up 4,000mg of vitamin C in half a cup of water stir well, then oral syringe - 1ml for small pets every 15 minutes, or 2ml - 5ml for larger animals.  Do at least 10 repeats.

If using Vitamin C -  Kakadu Plum extract liquid   *1ml (approx 3 drops) contains 50mg fresh plant.
Small animal, cat, toy dog, rabbit, wildlife:  add 5 to 10 drops in meals.   
Small dog or Med size dog:  add 30 to 60 drops (or  1/2 - 1  teaspoon) to meals
Med-Large Pet or Animal:  add 30 to 60 drops (or  1/2 - 1  teaspoon) to meals
Horse:  use 15 drops in apple juice oral syringe it.
For humans, just add one teaspoon to your morning smoothie, sauces, spreads or desserts! 

Twice a day (min) as vitamin c dose not stay in the body for very long.  Can continue long term for optimum health.

If unwell with arthritis, or gum conditions, cancer etc. 
depending on severity repeat hourly, up to 6 x daily until improved then can reduce 3 to 4 x daily.  Add a dose to some milk or chicken or beef broth and oral syringe.

3.  IMPORTANT: double check that there are no other ticks on the body, as relapse can occur the following day. When more than one tick is present on the dog and a search fails to locate the second or third tick - the dog will initially improve and then deteriorate, the toxin is still being produced and injected by the remaining tick/s. The main cause of death in severe cases is primary hypoventilation. The toxin also causes myocardial depression and diastolic failure which leads to cardiogenic pulmonary edema and signs of Congestive heart failure drops.   Therefore Heart Support 15ml liquid formula is very important to use for as many days until your pet is back to normal health. 

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