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Tick Bite Fever Protection - 30ml
Tick Bite Fever Protection - 30ml
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Tick Bite Fever Protection - 30ml

Homeopathic Prophylactic. Deer tick (Lyme) Borrelia sp. Ixodes scapularis, Babesia parasite, Brown Dog Tick (Ehrichiosis), Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (Rickettsia). Protection for canines of all ages.

  • Immune from Ehrlichiosis, Rickettsia, Borrelia, Babesia.
  • Tick Fever & RMSF, Lyme Oral nosodes.
  • Protection for all species & ages.
  • Refer to -Tick Bite Fever Infection Remedies for infection in your pet.

Non-Drug "Protection "  for Puppies to all age Adult dogs.

Tick Bite Fever Oral Nosode  30ml drops  
Contains homeopathic nosode:  Brown dog tick (Ehrlichiosis),  Rocky Mountain Fever (Rickettsia rickettsii), Borrelia (Lyme), Babesia Oral Nosode 30C, 200C.    

Canine -  Protection from Tick bites symptoms using the homeopathic tick fever oral nosodes

Rickettsial infections are caused by multiple bacteria from the order Rickettsiales and genera Rickettsia, Anaplasma, Ehrlichia, Neorickettsia, Neoehrlichia, and Orientia Rickettsia spp. are classically divided into the spotted fever group (SFG) and the typhus group, although more recently these have been classified into as many as 4 groups.

Cat -  While blood tests have shown evidence of Rickettsia rickettsii (rocky mountain spotted fever) infections in cats, RMSF is rare in felines.
Horse -  Horses are diagnosed with one of two diseases spread by ticks, Equine Ehrlichiosis or “Lyme Disease.” Ehrlichia - this straight-forward infection has long been referred to as Equine Ehrlichiosis. 

What is a Oral Nosode?

A nosode could be described as an "oral vaccine" in the sense that its purpose is to "immunize" the body against a specific disease. It is prepared from the actual organism which is associated with the disease in question and may derive from filtrates containing only the exotoxins of the bacteria, or from emulsions containing both bacteria and their toxins. These filtrates are then potentised a million times to produce the energy only of the disease and this energy stimulates the entire natural immune system to react against a specific disease, so this becomes an oral vaccine for humans as well as pets.

General nosode prescription dosing protocol:

One dose once a day for four days
One dose once a week for 4 weeks
One dose once, per month for 4 months
Then booster of one dose once per year for four years, then no more needed thereafter.


In High-Risk Areas and Shelters

Use a dose once a week, in food and water dish.  
Ongoing until tick season has finished or continue dosing weekly if all year-round tick problem.   
For dog shelters:  can add “a dose” to approx. 500ml—1 litre bottle of filtered water and succuss (gently bang for 1 minutes on the table).  Use a capful or more—as one dose.   Remake each month,  as it goes off.

Tick Removal 

Grasp the tick very close to your pet's skin with a tick removal tool or a pair of tweezers. Carefully pull the tick's body away from the skin.  Or buy a "Tick Stick" tool and have it on hand if ever needed. Once it's off, flush it down the toilet. Once it's off, flush it down the toilet. Then disinfect your dog or cat's skin with Vitamin C powder (made into a paste or liquid by adding some water).    * If suspect a toxic tick, then vitamin c can remove toxins, discomfort, also give a teaspoon of vitamin c in some water ( about 1/4 cup or less) and oral syringe small sips till liquid is taken. (not all ticks have are toxic or have side effects)

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