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Sting n Bite - 50ml

  • Immunity against acute allergy reaction.
  • Toxic Spider Bites or Allergy Reactions
  • Hives & swelling allergy reactions to – Bee stings, Wasp Sting, Red Back spider, White Tail spider, Scorpion bite (infection acute reactions or toxic spiders, venomous bites)
  • Acute allergy pain and swelling.
  • What to do now? .. Scorpion, Red back or White tail Spider home remedy.
  •  By using these drops as a preventive allergy reaction, e.g a dose once a yearly…  is very helpful so if stung, much less acute reactions appear.

    * If your pet or animal has had a bite ….or swelling up (face and hives) all over the body, or looking quieter than normal unwell, lethargic.  Your pet or animal may have a allergy reaction to a sting or toxic bite.

    Immediately – start giving up to 6 repeats of Vitamin C .. given orally.

  • This natural remedy will help support a pet from past or present:

    • shock,
    • venom infection,
    • pain and swelling.
  • Shock

    stays in the system and needs to be resolved, this is why it is important to still use this remedy no matter how long ago your pet was bitten. ie …Snake, Wasp, Bee, House Spider, Flea saliva bites, Mosquito, Housefly, White Tail Spider, Tick Bite, Lyme tick bite, anti tetanus.

  •  Protection:    of acute allergy reaction to any of the above, we recommend one dose per year.
    * Treatment:   apply one dose, given every  5 minutes for 3 to 4 repeats.


    Topical – Fast Pain Relief

    * Red Back Spider bite, White Tail Spider bite  or  other toxic bites

    TOPICALLY. Rub on some Vitamin C powder to the bite area to get rid of the pain.

  • ORALLY: For an adult human or large animal or dog  – followed by taking 2 teaspoons (approx. 10gm of Vitamin C (sodium ascorbate powder) dissolved in some fluids and drink, repeat same amount (if needed) four -to six time in same day.

  • Smaller animals and pets:  dissolve one (1) teaspoon in 1/2 cup of water and oral syringe 5ml.
    repeating 6 times a day.  e.g a dose every 5 minutes.


    * Scorpion Bites

    Apply Frankincense essential Oil – topically
    Or make a paste (water and Bicarb soda powder) – not baking powder. and apply topically.

    * Funnel Web spider bite

    Apply “activated charcoal powder” in some water to make a paste add to some gauze or fine piece of material and wrap it up and immediately apply to bite area (that’s how you make a poultice)
    Can use   ” Activated charcoal powder”  as a poultice to all toxic bites.    (snake bites too)

     Emergency – Internal Treatment – Anti-doting the Venom

    Refer to: SNAKE or TICK BITES   

  • The natural effective antidote to the venom.

    Using Vitamin C – given either orally or by injection.
    All snake bites (venomous). A natural effective antidote to the venom.



    Give Vitamin C  “orally’  or  “Injectable” Vitamin C

    The trick is you need to take enough to be effective, so don’t worry about thinking you could take too much, you cant.  You just wee it out.  But as vitamin C does not stay in the system for very long, this is the reason why we repeat large amounts often to work on clearing toxic poisons in the system.  Make sure the brand is 2 mls per gram and not 4 mls per gram, otherwise you need twice as much at twice the cost. I mentioned the size of the needles as 19 or there about’s because the stuff can be slightly glutinous and speed is generally all important on the occasions when it is needed.

    ~ Oral Vitamin C (powder and water).
    Either (crushed) vitamin C tablets or powder of sodium ascorbate vitamin C powder. (sodium ascorbate type powder is dissolvable crystals)  Health food stores sell vitamin C or by on-line.



    ~ Horse, Cow, Sheep, Alpaca
    INJECT slowly approx. 20ml into the vein every 1/2 hr.
    Give ORALLY give it orally.  Dissolve the Vit C powder, of approx. 5 tsp in 1 cup of filtered water, oral syringe approx. 30ml, every 15 min until well again.

    ~ Canine, Goat, Swine, Doe 

    INJECT slowly approx. 15ml into vein every 1/2 hour
    Give ORALLY give it orally. Dissolve the Vit C powder, of approx. 5 tsp in1 cup of filtered water, oral syringe approx. 20ml, every 15 minutes until well. Small sips at a time until 20ml is taken each dosing.

    ~ Feline, toy dog, other small animals

    INJECT slowly approx. 8ml -10ml into the vein every 1/2 hr
    Give  ORALLY give it orally.
    Dissolve the Vit C powder, of approx. 2- 3 tsp in 1 cup of filtered water and oral syringe approx.5-10ml every 15 minutes
    Continue for at least 4 hours. Upon animal improvement – pupils back to normal and breathing good. Can stop or reduce to casual three times a day if you feel still not 100%.

    Can also use the homeopathic Sting n Bite formula or  Snake Bite detox as well.

  • This remedy can be used for Non-Poisonous Spiders

    Most spider bites are not dangerous to one’s health but can be quite painful. A bite from a non-poisonous spider is best treated like any other insect bite or sting. If the wound appears bluish, with shooting pains and/or feels cool but then feels better when cold is applied, as with an ice compress. The remedy may be applied on pet or administered every 5  to 15 minutes until the pain subsides. As the pain improves, reduce the frequency and stop once the bite is very much better.

    Poisonous Spiders

    Poisonous spider bites, on the other hand, while usually not fatal in adults, can cause serious harm and may be fatal in children and pets, the elderly and those with compromised immune systems. The venom can cause muscle cramping, blistering sores, nausea, chills, difficulty breathing and fever.

    Brown Recluse

    The brown recluse spider likes to live in dark, undisturbed places inside the house, such as under furniture, inside closets, inside heating vents and conduits, in cracks, and among old books, boxes, toys, and clothes or outside under rocks or inside hollow tree trucks. This spider is nocturnal, shy and usually non-aggressive. It can live up to six months without food or water, hiding in its lair during the day and roaming about at night.

    People are most often bitten when they touch a spider that is caught between a part of the body and another surface, for example, hiding in clothing or shoes or under furniture. Bites may also happen, somewhat rarely, to a sleeping person when the spider climbs up the bed sheets.

    At first, the area around the bite appears swollen but may not become painful until hours later. The area then turns red and hardens. It can eventually turn into an ulcer with a dry bottom, blue or grey borders and a red center. Other symptoms include fever, joint pain, shivering, nausea, and vomiting. Healing can take months and may leave a scar. In serious cases, surgery may be needed to remove necrotic tissue.

    Black Widow

    The black widow is perhaps the most common poisonous spider in North America. It can be found throughout the United States but is mainly located in the southern and western regions of the country. It can be easily identified by its black body and the distinctive red hourglass pattern on its back. The female is also known for biting and eating the male after mating.

    The initial bite may feel like a pinprick, but severe pain at the bite site and an overall numbness soon set in. Other symptoms include painful cramping, a rigidity of the abdominal muscles, difficulty breathing, sweating, dizziness, nausea, and vomiting. In pregnant women, the bite of the black widow may induce early delivery.

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