Sterilization Female healing support
Sterilization Female healing support
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Sterilization Female healing support

For female dogs, cats, all species assists in surgical repair, prevent bleeding, and bladder nerve damage (leaking)
  • Female Sterilization (spaying, neutering) bladder damage
  • Protect from excessive bleeding, bruising, infections.
  • Also for female abdominal surgery damage.
  • If incontinence has occurred use this remedy.
  • Especially needed for female animals needing this type of support.

    A dose is given twice a day leading up to surgery, and a dose same morning of surgery as a protection from bruising, bleeding or discomfort from the surgical procedure. Repeat again when back at home dosing on body three times a day for 5 days or longer if needed for natural non-drug support and protection of any infections.

    If your  pet is sick or groggy from aesthetic toxins, see our Anaesthetic Detox formula,as it is important to detox your pet especially is sensitive to chemicals. e.g. Homeopathic Phosphorus 200C a dose twice a day along with the sterilization repair formula will help the liver process the drugs. I have added this remedy to the sterilization support formula as well.

    Occasionally if surgery was rushed etc some damages may occur e.g "leaking of urine" after surgery - nerve damages.

    We also have the general Incontinence remedy, if needing further assistance due to other factors of health - TinkleLess 50ml drops.

Non-Drug Prescriptions Natural Medicines for all species

Feline Sterilize Repair 30ml drops
Contains homeopathic formula of:Strontium Carb 12C, Alfalfa 1X, Avena Sativa 1X, Aceticum Acid 12C, Phosphorus 200C, Hypericum (nerve pain, repair), Bellis Pennis, Arnica (bleeding, bruising), Ruta Grav 200C, (NAR) Shock formula 200C, Staphysagria 1M (abdominal spaying surgery and urinary leaking), Ledum, Ferr Phos 1M (infection), Calendula 10M.

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