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Sciatica Repair
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Sciatica Repair

Sciatica Nerve Pain – Nerve Damages. Spina Bifida conditions. Health Support all species

 Non-drug remedy for all species & age

 Acute or chronic sciatic nerve pain. e.g spinal stenosis, spina bifida disorders, relieves spinal nerve pain, naturally, nerve pain, muscle spasms & joint swelling.

  • For all species and ages.
  • Approx. 600 drops in 30ml Bottle
  • Shelf life, Several Years (opened or unopened) 


    ACUTE or CHRONIC sciatica nerve pain or damages.

    The classical symptom is its radiating pain along the path of the sciatic nerve, from the lower back through the hips, buttocks, back of the thigh and down the calf region of a leg. It typically affects one leg.  But of course our animals or pets cannot tell us verbally were there pain is coming from.


    Some signs to watch for in our pets

    Perhaps your pet is biting at the base of tail or leg joint – cats and dogs will even make themselves bleed with continual biting, licking and chewing the area that is causing nerve pain and stress. Severe cases of nerve pain, muscle spasms, and joint swelling.  Example: When the piriformis muscle becomes tight, it can irritate the sciatic nerve. This causes sciatica-like pain, tingling, and numbness that often run from the low back to the rear, down the leg and into the foot.  Although the discomfort from piriformis syndrome feels similar to sciatica, the two have different causes.


    This homeopathic clinical remedy works a treat!

    Example:  Homeopathic Therapeutics for Sciatica

    Ars Alb:    Cold damp cellars aggravate or bring on complaints of Sciatica.

    Gnaph:  Intense pain along the sciatic nerve with a feeling of numbness.

    Iris:   Sciatica, sudden shooting, causing lameness, feels as if was wrenched. Pain extending to popliteal space, better from violent motion.

    Lachesis:   Sciatica, left-sided, pain as from a hot iron, worse after sleep.

    Phyt:   Sciatica, pain involves the right leg especially the outer side of the thigh, < damp weather.

    Sep:    Sciatica with lancinating stitches, must get out of bed for relief. Pain worse from rising, better from slow walking. Sciatica, better during pregnancy.

    Tell:  Pain in sacrum, passing into right thigh down the sciatic nerve, worse when pressing at stool, coughing, laughing, also when lying on the affected side. 


    Minerals (Magnesium)
    Magnesium is a vital nutrient which has many roles within the body. It is needed in order to maintain normal electrolyte balance and helps to manage the nerves. Magnesium depletion results in heightened nerve sensitivity. I would be suggesting magnesium to be added to daily meals –  2 daily then gradually doing 3 x daily.

    Vitamin B6 (p5p) capsules 
    “Peripheral Neuropathy” (nerves) can cause tremors and irritations. Nerve damage, neurological disease, or a problem with your central nervous system can cause tremors. To clear this up we add the B6 (p5p) Vitamin capsules.

    I would also organize someone to do “Bowen Therapy” as well.

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