Rescue Remedy - 30ml
Rescue Remedy - 30ml
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Rescue Remedy - 30ml

 Rescue Remedy 30ml Drops

Fast relief from shock / stress trauma.  
(Use for all species, size and age) APPLY several drops on body/skin or on gums (not orally) repeat 4 times each dose given every 3 to 5 minutes. Then continue this flower essence of every 15 mins to half an hour, until much calmer, then later can reduce frequency time of each dose given to further dosing time apart. e.g four times a day while recovering.

This is a highly effective first aid kit and can greatly improve the outcome of a venomous snake bite. Can help to antidote the venom, save tissue from becoming gangrene and relieve the puncture wound.  So good to have if living remotely, camping, country areas, were long distance to get to Vet clinic quickly. 

Use for all species... farm animals and humans. Always seek medical/veterinary attention after a venomous snakebite - immediately. 

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