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Polycystic - 50ml

Helps prevent or dissolve cysts, naturally. Polycystic (sac of fluids) Polycystic (poly means “many” cysts – filled with fluids) 

 Will help resolve the “sacs of fluid” and prevent anymore appearing.

Human – several drops can be put in a glass of water and sipped as frequently as suggested or place 3 drops under your tongue.
Pet – can add several drops to meals.  But for the Polycystic drops, they need to go onto the body (pat into back of shoulder blades) .

Polycystic  50ml drops 
Energetic formula:
Calc Carb  (Dilution: 12C, 10M) (dropsy, kidney polyps, kidney colic, anemia, tumours)
Apis Mell (Dilution: 3X, 12X, 30X, 200C, 10M) (breaks down fluid-filled cysts, oedema-dropsy)
Arnica (Dilution: 30C, 6X)
Lycopodium (Dilution: 6C, 30C)
Kali Chloricum (Dilution: 30C)
Phosphorus (Dilution: 12X, 30C)
Plumbum Met (Dilution: 30C, 30X) (polycystic remedies solution or prevention)
Hepar Sulph (Dilution: 6X)
Thiosinamium nosode (Dilution: 1X, 200C ) (tumour cysts breakdown)
Sepia (Dilution: 10M) (liver, cystitis)
Ars Alb (Dilution: 1M) (nephritis, dropsy, kidney disease)
Graphites (Dilution: 10M) (keloids, ulcers, dropsy, stricture of urethra, worms, tumour)
Nemalodiasis – worm nosode (Dilution: 30C)
(NAR) Bilharzia (Dilution: 30X) (Schistosoma parasite-fluke) effects kidneys & liver bowel.
in 20% USP alc. in purified water.   

~ Cysts – Homeopathics that help resolve sacs of fluids, dropsy (cloudy swelling-intracellular edema-dropsy). Will also help the prevention of more developing.
One dose is:  LIQUID:  pat on 3-4 drops on the skin (back of shoulder blade)
The frequency of Dosing:   Repeat 3 X times a day for 3 days. Then continue twice a day on the body or/and add drops to meals.  Continue until symptoms all signs of polyps or dropsy have gone.

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