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Pet Wellness Life Stress Scan (allergy test)
Pet Wellness Life Stress Scan (allergy test)
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Pet Wellness Life Stress Scan (allergy test)

Pet Wellness Life Stress Scan

The Pet Wellness Life Stress Scan is More than an Allergy test for Dogs and Cats.

The Life Stress Scan is not a traditional allergy test for dogs and cats.  Our Life Stress Scan uses biofeedback, which has the ability to read energetic resonance that emanates from hair and saliva samples. It is so much more than an allergy test for pets as it can identify imbalances and disturbances within the entire body.  Biofeedback energy status analysis measures the body’s bio energetic balance or homeostasis in relation to various food and environmental factors that an animal has been exposed to. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) would call this a balance of yin or yang, with the ultimate goal removing or reducing incompatible energetic disturbances that diminish the body’s Qi or life-force. 

"What may be healthy for one dog may be unhealthy for another dog."

This is NOT a traditional allergy test kit for dogs and cats performed in a medical laboratory. It is a non-invasive energetic analysis that has the ability to detect stress and what may be causing energetic factors contributing to the allergy symptoms in your pet. Using biofeedback analysis, the device can identify over 300 food and environmental factors that may disturb an animal’s energetic balance. Biofeedback measures the body’s reaction to various substances. It is not meant to be a substitute for traditional dog allergy testing methods that use blood samples such as the ELISA and antibody testing. We recommend that you consult with your holistic veterinarian if you wish such traditional allergy testing be done for your pet. 

How accurate is this Analysis?
A: Because the analysis is done using the energetic imprint of your pet, the results can vary. The biofeedback technicians take great care in documenting the results according to the output. While there is not a way that we can put a number value to each highlighted item, rest assured that it reached a level to be considered a stressor which may cause allergy type symptoms. 

What's the best way to get the saliva samples?
A: We provide you with three organic cotton swabs in the test kit. The best way to get the saliva sample is to hold all three of the swabs on one end and swab the inside of the mouth along the gum line and cheek area with the opposite end. This will get all three swabs done at once - easier for you and your pet. It is also helpful to wait until just before a meal (dog/cat begins to salivate in anticipation) or just after they get a drink.


Simply send us the saliva saturated cotton buds (enclosed in this kit) and some hair and we will tell you what foods may be causing your dog or cat problems.

This test is all inclusive for food sensitivity & triggers, environmental disturbances & triggers and beneficial remedies.

We make meals to suit your dog or cats sensitivities & triggers plus supplying beneficial remedies.

Test Results take approximately 3 weeks.

How can you know what is best to feed your dog or cat without first knowing what foods are poorly tolerated by your loved animal companion? It should also be noted that food sensitivities or intolerances often lead to gastrointestinal issues, itching, obesity, rashes, behavioural changes,  and other unhealthy and uncomfortable conditions. Find out what you shouldn’t feed your companion animal so that you can provide a diet specifically designed just for them.

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