Nerves - 50ml
Nerves - 50ml
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Nerves - 50ml


We have found by assisting the nervous system and nerve repair, there is effective healing that takes place.

Nerve Function
The nervous system provides two general functions.

The first is sensory, in that the nerves allow us to detect and understand the world around us. Input from any of our five senses is carried to the brain by the sensory nerves. The brain is basically a giant mass of nerve tissue that processes the information, and once the information is analyzed, the brain initiates appropriate action in response. Information directing the bodily response (the second function) is delivered to the appropriate location by motor nerves; these nerves carry an electrical impulse away from the brain that directs a part of the body to carry out a needed action.

This action may be a movement of a muscle or a set of muscles, or it may be a glandular secretion of a hormone that then directs other organs to react. For example, if you put your hand on a hot stove burner, your sensory nerves quickly respond and give your brain the message, hot, and then your motor nerves initiate two actions: you jerk your hand away, and at the same time you probably yell “ow!”

The nervous system is quite complex since it is basically the computer that runs our body. No action or sensation is possible without this system, making it an essential system for life.

Energetic formula:
Calc (Dilution: 200C)
Organ sarcodes –
Tibia (Dilution: 200C)
Fibia (Dilution: 200C)
Petul Sarc (Dilution: 200C)
Major Nerve (Dilution: 200C)
Lumbago (Dilution: 200C)
Vertabrae sarcodes (Dilution: 200C)
Ginseng (Dilution: 200C)
Hyepericum (Dilution: 12C, 50M) (nerves)
in 20% USP alc. in purified water.

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