Kidney Disease
Kidney Disease
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Kidney Disease

Acute or Chronic Renal failure (high creatinine), Kidney Dysplasia, Protein in Urine, Acute Nephritis (inflammation). Fanconi Syndrome, Lead Poisoning.

Natural "Kidney Support Formulas" Set of 6
1. RenoAid 50ml   
2. Acute Nephritis 30ml   
 *acute kidney Inflammation.
3. PotassAid 50ml
4. Anemia 50ml 
5. KidVita 100ml
6. Fluid Circulation Balance 50ml

Kidney Support for your cat or dog - naturally!

All Natural Medicines for support with Acute or Chronic Kidney Disease in all ages and species.  Set of 6
You can order parts of this set as well, let us know which ones you want when you order.  Or if you have previously ordered the full set, log in and you will see easy ordering or individual remedies.

1. RenoAid 50ml drops    * High Creatinine-BUN levels
Contains homeopathic, nosode, sarcode complex:   Ren Sui nosode, Benzoic Ac, Solidago 6X,4X, Erythropoitin hormone (EPO) 1X, 6X, 6C, 1M (produces red blood cells), Benzoli 6C (red blood cells), Alfalfa 30X (digestion appetite), Equis, Thlas Bura Pastora, Serum Ang (Eel Serum), Renal Glycosuria, Tabacum, Urea Sarcode, Cantharis 4X, 6C, 30C, Juniperus Communis 3X, Belladonna 6X, Acid Nit 6X, Protozoan (parasitic) Coccidia nosode 4X, 12X, Hepatitis nosode 12X, 200X, Cryptococcus nosode 12X, 200X (intestinal coccidian parasitic infections), Sepia 30X, (chronic cystitis, weak bladder), Plasmodium  Falciparum nosode, Plasmodium Malariae nosode 6X, 12X, 200X, Flukeworm nosode 12X, Kali Mur 3X, 12X, 200C (prevention from feline saddle thrombosis -blood clots)       
* Uremia, mitral valve insufficiency, kidney failure, kidney disease, acute nephritis, hypertension, HIGH Creatinine and BUN levels issues detox, parasitic (protozoan species) detox, malaria parasitic detox and prevention from feline saddle thrombosis (blood clots) which are seen in older felines, felines with a overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism), or heart disease conditions.

Note:  Albumin test (Proteinuria), to check the presence of excessive or continously high amounts of protein in the urine, can be an early sign of kidney disease. And if the Creatinine levels are fine, they use the Proteinuria Herbal formula.  However, often by the time you notice something is wrong, the blood test will normally show the CREATININE (BUN) Levels that are high (body waste), this is why allopathic medicines cannot help as they are chemical toxins and will only compound the situations and cause more stress on kidneys.  Therefore using RenoAid drops in conjunction with SubQ fluids for felines give only 80ml just under the skin daily for a couple of weeks will help dramatically bring down waste levels.  * SubQ fluids per session of 200ml to 300ml medium size dogs, 500ml for large pet.

2.  Acute Nephritis 19-2 30ml drops    * Acute inflamed kidney - causing kidney failure.
Contains homeopathic, nosode, sarcode complex:  Cantharis and Staphysagria (inflammation and pain while urinating), Apis Mell 30X, 10M (nephritis, swelling, inflammation, burning while passing urine),  Kali Chl 12 (chronic nephritis), Baptisia, Colchicum Aut, Glyc Glab, Urea nosode, Penicillium nosode 200C, Streptococcin Bacteria nosode 6X, 1M, Berberis Vulg, Aconite Nap, Sepia 30X, (chronic cystitis, weak bladder), Pancreatic Enzyme (digestion support), Hydrangea Arborescens, Solidago, Escherichia coli (e.coli), Septiceminum nosode, Nocardia Bacteria nosode, Serum Ang (eel serum) 10M ( kidney failure, acute nephritis, cardiac uremia, mitral insufficiency, uremia, hypertension, heart or kidney disorders), Tabacum, Staphylococcus Aur nosode, Staphysagria, Proteus bacteria nosode 6C, 30C, Hepatica nosode 1M, (fatty liver from overload of toxins), Muco-Toxin nosode 1M, Taraxacum 1M (jaundice), Plumbum Met 12X, 1M, 10M.

* Did you know that bacterial infection - called "Nocardiosis" could affect the kidneys?   Using the Acute Nephritis Kidney Inflammation {nephritis} will work on prevention and solution of this strain of bacteria and “E.Coli” Escherichia coli are often found in Kidney patient pets.

3.  PotassAid 50ml 
Contains homeopathic, nosode complex: Kali Phos 2X, Kali Mur, Kali Sul, Kali Brom, Kalium nosode 6X, 6C, 30C, Nat Mur (helps restore magnesium uptake in distal kidneys tubules).     * Potassium imbalances or loss. Due to excessive urination.

4.  Anemia 50ml drops
Contains homeopathic, nosode complex:  Lyco, Ferr Pic, Ferr Citric, Mang Acet, Ferr Phos, Nat Mur, Ferr Met 6C, 30C, Natrum nosode 30X (helps assimilate Iron), (NV) Hemoglobin formula 12X, 30X, Aurum Iodatum 1M (arteriosclerosis), Ferr Met 30C (Iron - tissue salt), Merc Sol 12X, (anemia, liver enlarged, jaundice), Ammon. Causticum 200C (powerful cardiac stimulant), Bryonia Alb 200C (jaundice, nephritis), Erythropoietin hormone (EPO) 1X, 6X, 6C, 1M (produces red blood cells), HAMPL Congestive Heart 22-1 formula, Bone Marrow nosode 6X, 12C. T.N.T nosode 200C (anemia, breathlessness).
* Did you know that the "Epogen" drug, a synthetic form of erythropoietin for anemia in cats, but has a nasty side effect, and because of this, it is a short term drug. The Homeopathic HAMPL Anemia19-4, however, is safe and can be used long term if required, but most often not required. Promotes wellness and maintaining good hemoglobin in the blood.

5. KidVita 100ml  granules
Contains energetic homeopathic supplement of: Vitamin A, D,C, B-complex, B6, Magnesium & Calcium, Zinc, Lecithin, Digestive enzymes, Hydrochoric Acid, Kelp, Acemannan, (which is an aloe derivative), Multi-Vitamin, L-Cysteine amino acid, E.F.A's, Dandelion, Nettles, 12 combo Tissue Salts 6X, 30C.

6. Fluid & Circulation Balance  50ml drops
Contains homeopathic's, tissue salts complex:   
Nat Mur
 3X, 30C - that helps distribute the water evenly throughout the body, sending it where it is needed at a given moment. e.g dryness causing difficult stools - constipation extra supply will go to this area in the colon.  
Nat Phos - uses liquid to balance the acidic - alkaline mixtures in the body, as kidney failure pets tend to get too acidic.
Nat Sulph - this is our Eliminator or excess fluid in the body.  As long as it is sufficient, the liquids will be removed.  When it is lacking, however, the body has to produce fever and sweating in order to remove it - any condition where there is a profuse loss of fluids (or sweating), may be an imbalance of this salt.
Magnesium Mur (chloride) 30C  -  helps magnesium in the loop of a henley.  Aids absorption in needed areas -  colon etc.
Dehydration restore formula (abrotanum 200C, ars alb 12C, camphora 6X, carbo veg 1M, china off 6C, 12X,1M, cuprum met 200C (spasms), phosphorus 200C, veratrum alb 6C)
* Works on  waterlogged tissues, or also helps distribute the water evenly throughout the body, used in heat fatigue, sunstroke, and poor or sluggish circulation, spasms, difficult stools due to being dry in the colon.  

In this up today research and alternative safe natural treatments for your pet. Provided with more information about the kidneys and the vital role they play in keeping your body functioning, and if we add toxins, chemicals drugs or foods, this puts even more stress on an only 20% or less functioning kidney. The kidneys main function is to remove waste products from our blood through urine.  In other words, the kidneys are the main exit of lymphatic acids out of the body.  Kidneys are the main door out.

  • Vitamin And Mineral Deficiencies  
    Vitamin and mineral deficiencies can end up being the underlying causes for several health concerns. For instance, when it comes to your kidneys, being deficient in vitamin B6 and magnesium (one of today’s top nutrient deficiencies) can increase the risk of kidney stones. 

  • Too Much Protein 
    Although felines are designed to eat raw fresh meat, that provides good high-quality protein, as the cat ages, its the red meats, that are difficult to process which can increase the metabolic load on your kidneys. The over-consumption of red meat tends to overwork your kidneys. To prevent this overload we suggest lessening the amount of red meat, and offer more white fresh meat (as they still need good quality protein)
  • Protein in Urine  (Proteinuria)
    If occasionally or temporary high protein in urine that is fine but if continuously high protein in the urine  see the Proteinuria Herb 50ml formula.  

    When your kidney damage gets worse and big amounts of protein escape through your urine, you may see the following symptoms:
    ~ Foamy, frothy or bubbly-looking urine.
    ~ swelling in legs and feet(more obvious or seen with in humans)

Conditions that can cause a temporary rise in the levels of protein in urine, but don’t necessarily indicate kidney damage, include:
Cold direct exposure
Emotional stress
Heat exposure
Difficult workout

Diseases and conditions that can cause constantly elevated levels of protein in urine, which may show kidney disease, include:
Amyloidosis (accumulation of irregular proteins in your organs).
Particular drugs.
Chronic kidney disease.
Glomerulonephritis (inflammation in the kidney cells that filter waste from the blood).
Goodpasture’s syndrome (disease involving the kidneys and lungs).
Heart disease.
Heart failure.
High blood pressure (hypertension).
Hodgkin’s lymphoma (Hodgkin’s disease).
IgA nephropathy (Berger’s disease) (kidney inflammation resulting from an accumulation of the antibody immunoglobulin A).
Kidney infection.
Pericarditis (inflammation of the sac that surrounds the heart).
Rheumatoid arthritis.
Urinary tract infection (UTI).

Lead Poisoning( possible poisoning)   due to lead and its compounds has short and long-term effects primarily on the nervous, hematopoietic, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, renal and reproductive systems.    Homeopathic Plumbum Met helps anti dote lead toxicities. This remedy is in the homeopathic formula called HAMPL Acute Nephritis 19-2 and HAMPL Colic Action 84 30ml (1oz) drops, and HAMPL Acute Gastro 89-1 drops.   *** Your pet or animal may need all of some of these formula - emergency assistance use  HAMPL Acute Nephritis 19-2 30ml  * renal suppor and HAMPL Acute Gastro 89-1 30ml (1oz) *fast relief of gastrointesintal symptoms.  HAMPL Congestive Heart 22-1 drops  * cardiovascular support, HAMPL Colic Action 84 30ml (1oz) drops  * acute stomach pain.  * if seizure also use the HAMPL Seizure 26-1 drops.
 *  Start SubQ fluids once or twice a day to help flush toxins and re-hydrate if needed, makes them feel much better and helps them whilst healing and detoxing the system.

Plumbum Met 12X, 1M, 10M (possible lead poisonings, colic, constipation, epilepsy, vomiting)

  • High phosphorus Levels   
  • High Ammonia levels  - Bacteria in your gut and in your cells create ammonia when your body breaks down protein. Ammonia is a waste product. ... It leaves your body in your urine. But if you have certain health conditions, like kidney or liver failure, your body can't make or get rid of urea. 

    What to do?   As a prevention or treatment
    Here is where not only homeopathics can help but also by adding Activated Charcoal daily to meals twice a day will help alot (even as a prevention)  The American Journal of Gastroenterology published a study reporting a scientific claim that Activated Charcoal can reduce the build-up of nitrogen waste in the body; e.g...UREA levels (toxic waste) from kidneys.

Ignoring the lymphatic system and the waste it must dispose of and be focusing strictly on the blood & colon. Creating many chronic conditions, we have previously overlooked the essential issue of your body’s great sewer and main immune system.
~ Kidneys (kidneys is the main exit of lymphatic acids of the body)
~ Adrenals (low energy, emotional).

Most people and pets have weak kidneys and adrenals.

When we think about it, the body has TWO predominant types of waste (by-products) to get rid of:

These are by-products of digestion and what our pet's consume or don’t absorb. These wastes are removed by the large intestine (the colon). This, of course, is food and stool matter. The liver can dump by-products this way as well.

These wastes and by-products come from the cells and their metabolic processes. Consider that the physical body has over one hundred trillion cells that make up all the tissues, organs, glands, structures, etc.  Each cell produces waste!  ... This is a lot of waste!

There are other minor wastes from bacteria, fungus, and other actions and/or parasites. These wastes, as well as a lot of cellular wastes, are dumped into the lymphatic system, and from there are filtered through the kidneys.  

Lymphatic waste can also be filtered out the skin  (often referred to as the body’s “third kidney”).
Ignoring the lymphatic system and the waste it must dispose of and focus strictly on the blood & colon. Creating many chronic conditions, we have previously overlooked the essential issue of the body’s great sewer and main immune system which is  The Lymphatic System!


The Colon
(food, unabsorbed food nutrients, and large wastes from other organs)

The Kidneys
(cellular waste from the lymphatic system)

The Skin
(the 3rd kidney, also filters lymphatic waste and gasses)

When the kidneys do not effectively filter the lymph, the creatinine in your pet's blood will rise.  At .7 health is starting to get into trouble.
Your pet's kidneys are the main eliminative organs for there body’s Lymphatic (sewer) system. When your kidneys lose their ability to filter the cellular wastes (acids) out of your their body, they back up—just as sewage from any other sewer system would.

This “back up” of acids is called INFLAMMATION.   Even though felines are designed to be more acidic system compared to humans and canines, felines seem to commonly acquire kidney disease as they age, compared to canines.

From this point forward pain is a reality, as well as swelling and the destruction of the respective tissues. Little pimples sores, itchy skin, cysts and even tumors begin to form.  The frightening thing is that this inflammation becomes systemic (whole body)Cancer cells are simply cells damaged by their own acid wastes. Cancer is not an entity that can travel to other tissues (cells) and magically turn them into cancer cells. However, the acid condition that leads to this cell damage is systemic.  
The fire is the acidosis (inflammation).

Fanconi Syndrome

 There are three main types of acquired Fanconi Syndrome (chicken jerky treat ingestion - from China, gentamicin nephrotoxicity and idiopathic) and an inherited form as well (most common in Basenji dogs but may occur in other breeds).The physical manifestation of Fanconi syndrome will depend on the underlying causes of that particular case. Because bodies affected by this syndrome excrete increased and excessive amounts of certain vital substances, the bones and muscles can be heavily impacted.  This impairment affects bone metabolism and can manifest through bone pain and extreme muscle weakness. Hypokalemia (also spelled hypokalaemia, is a low level of potassium in the blood serum) which may also develop, which also presents with muscle weakness.

Dogs with Fanconi syndrome may demonstrate the following symptoms: 

Lack of interest in eating 
Excessive thirst 
Excessive urination 
Weight loss 
General weakness 
Seizures (in 15% of cases)


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