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Ginger & Garlic Paste for Dogs

Garlic - Ginger Paste for Dogs - Medicinal Foods


1. If your dog has skin, heart, cancer, diabetes, swelling, arthritis, pain or is over weight or lethargic, then it will help a lot.

2. It will help by detoxifying your dog's body and help in cleaning up the toxic waste of years and years of dog food, vaccines, etc do. Garlic has sulfur so it is a naturally detoxifier. Ginger is great as it is anti-cancer and helps in digestion.

3. It will protect your dog from mosquitoes and fleas - as the body picks up immunity, the mosquitoes and fleas are naturally repelled. When these parasites are repelled, heart-worms cannot start.

4. Skin/Mange/Itchiness - Again, build up immunity first, from inside out. Garlic is rich in sulfur, the reason it beautifies skin and helps kill the parasites. This is why mange shampoos are full of sulfur. But now, we are taking charge in our hands - let's start by doing the right thing first and getting the basics correct this time. Feed garlic!

 5. Allergies - So, the reason dogs have allergies is because their body is weak - from chemical filled lifestyle and low immunity. Both garlic and ginger help with allergies like cold, flu, etc by increasing the immunity.

Just like for humans, ginger-garlic are great for anti-cancer prevention as well as keeping your dog natural - no flea/tick products needed. Ever. They also will help your dog in arthritis or inflammatory condition.

The reason garlic got a bad rap is due to heavy marketing done by corrupt pharmaceutical companies and veterinarians against its effectiveness.

Instead they make and market chemical filled toxic products, that has been proven to cause cancer in pets. If everyone started going back-to-the-basics, then these corrupt companies would not be so wealthy.

 Ginger and Garlic have been used in pet ailments since centuries and in other countries pretty regularly. By now, trillions of dogs have taken them since the beginning of time and no, ginger-garlic don't kill, instead they prevent diseases.

 Take your dog's health back in your hands!

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