Fur Ball - 30ml
Fur Ball - 30ml
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Fur Ball - 30ml

Fur Balls in felines that may have a weak digestive system

  • A non-drug solution in support from fur balls.
  • Assist in digestion for releasing congestion internally.
  • Use along with a home prepared diet.
  • Drops in meals and drinks or on the body.

If a pet is getting fur balls due to excessive licking, then also use the Pet Calm  formula and look into allergies with the type of diet being feed.

eg. Feed a raw meat diet that has no chemicals or artificial flavouring etc. This means no more dry food as well, which is the worst offender to poor health.  For assisting in the digestive system to aid in the easy elimination of fur ball out the other end rather than vomiting them up.

A natural diet will help promote optimum health and healing now and for the future.

Non Drug Prescriptions - for all species

Fur Ball  30ml  drops
Contains homeopathic complex: Nux Vomica 30C, (NAR) Digestion Balance formula 200C

Drops can go into meals or on the body. 
Repeating more than once a day - if congestion is bad at the moment.

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