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Feline AIDS (FIV) natural solution for cats & kittens. Use Bottle 1 for PROTECTION (prophylactic) for other feline family members

  • Vitamin C will help boost, repair the immune health.
  • A natural Immune and infection solution to FIV
  • For your other Felines (e.g Catteries or at home) * See Homeopathic Formula 1. FIV oral nosode formula as a protection (Prophylactic) 
  • Red blood cells to protect from infection immune weakness.
  • Naturopathic Formula Set of 5
    1. FIV Nosode 30ml * Solution or Prophylactic
    2. Liposomal Vitamin C 100ml Liquid
    3. FIV Vita 100ml
    4. Infection Blood Cleanse 50ml
    5. Herb Immune 100ml
  • 1    Firstly we must provide a much healthier diet of cooked or raw meat. Omit junk foods like dry and wet commercial foods which are full of chemicals, and by-products.


    2   Feline AIDS – immune support, a natural anti-inflammatory, asthma, chronic bronchitis, whooping cough, general pulmonary problems, oral ulcerations – due to infection and fever, enlarged – spleen and liver. e.g  Enlarged Spleen – prevent or solution is to add a pinch of Zinc Picolinate powder (from capsule) in meals twice a day.


    3.    If you have a cat with feline AIDs, you can use the Bottle 1 from the Set as a “preventative or protection” to your other cats in the family or cattery. e.g  1. FIV Nosode detox  30ml (1oz)  … also 50ml, 100ml and 200ml available.

  • Conditions commonly seen in cats are the “respiratory” symptoms called “Cryptococcosis”:

      • sneezing & snuffling,  raspy breathing, nasal discharge, hard, nodular skin swellings, most often over the bridge of the nose,  skin lesions on the head, swollen lymph nodes, lethargic, loss of appetite.
    • See natural medicines to assist or prevention – when and if needed any time in conjunction with the FIV Set

      Sinus Set  (Cryptococcosis & Aspergillus)    (CODE 027 (1-b) and 27 (2-b)
      Respiratory Viral – Cat Flu Set (bacteria, virus, fungal)    (CODE 219)
      Respiratory Aid  30ml
      Stomatitis-Ulcerative-Gingivitis . * mouth infections and ulcers

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