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Due to a high demand for our freeze dry meals and suppier delays we are experiencing longer than normal manufacturing times. We are working hard to get your orders out to you at the earliest time frame. Please contact us with any queries. Thank You

Cough Gagging - Set of 3 Bottles
Cough Gagging - Set of 3 Bottles
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Cough Gagging - Set of 3 Bottles

  • Lung or congestion of the bronchial tract.
  • Cat purring then gags chokes..feline respiratory conditions.
  • Mucous congestion is often seen or experienced.
  • For all animal species and age.
  • Cough gagging and emphysema lung congestion.

  • Cough Gagging 50ml drops
  • Energetic formula:
    Belladonna (fever)
    Mucous Dissolver (NKF) (Dilution: 1X, 200C)
    Spongia Tosta (cough)
    Bryonia Alb (Dilution: 4X, 1M, 10M)
    Silica (Dilution: 30C) (gagging cough)
    Alumina (Dilution: 30C)
    Ipecac (a cough gagging, vomiting) (Dilution: 6X, 200C)
    Cuprum Aceticum (Dilution: 6C) (paraxysmal cough)
    Organs Lymph (Dilution: 30C)
    Lung (Dilution: 30C)
    Bronchi Sarcodes (Dilution: 60C)
    Blatta Orientalis (Dilution: 200C) (asthma bronchitis)
    Pertussin (Dilution: 10M) (lung toxicity)
    Bacillinum nosode (Dilution: 12X, 10M) (tubercular lung tissue -chronic catarrh, repeated colds, depressed)
    Ant Tart (Dilution: 12X, 10M) (respiratory disease, excessive mucous congestion, asthmatic bronchitis)
    Adrenal nosode (Dilution: 30C, 6C) (congestion on lungs)
    Ammon.Iod (Dilution: 200C, 10M) (pneumonia – oedema of the lungs, catarrhal pneumonia, bronchitis, laryngitis)
    Oscillococcinum nosode (Dilution: MM) (influenza)
    Brassica Lericca (Dilution: CM) (nose, larynx, trachea, bronchi, lungs)
    Kreostum (Dilution: 4X, 12X, 200X) (cough after influenza, herpes whooping cough)
    with Quebracho (Dilution: 12C) (helps support oxygen transport in the blood)
    Nocardia Bacteria nosode (Dilution: 4X, 12C, 30C, 10M) (protection or solution to bacterial infection Nocardiosis that could effect the lungs, sinus etc)
    Ars Alb (Dilution: 10M) (prime remedy in asthma complicated with emphysema)
    Grindelia (Dilution: 10M) (whitish expectoration, asthma with stoppage of breathing)
    Kali Bich (Dilution: 6C, 12X) (stringy ropy yellow expectoration)
    Nat Sulph (Dilution: 1M, MM) (dyspnoea with rattling in chest, wet asthma, lymphatic)
    Justicia (Dilution: 12X) (acute catarrhal congestion, coryza, sneezing, coughing or asthma attacks, bronchial rattle)
    Lung Sarcode nosode comb (Dilution: 12X, 10M)
    Crataegus (Dilution: 6C,1M) (hawthorn berries heart muscle tonic)
    Carbo Veg (Dilution: 10M)
    (NAR) 0M 28 Immune System (Dilution: 50M)
    Ammon. Bromatum (Dilution: 10M) (chronic laryngeal & pharyngeal catarrh)
    Ant.Iod (Dilution: 30C,10M) (slow resolution of pneumonia)
    Oscillococcinum nosode (Dilution: 6X, 10M) (influenza)
    Aviare nosode (Dilution: 10M) (tuberculosis in birds, SARS – weak lungs, influenza bronchitis, acute broncho-pneumonia)
    in 20% USP alc. in purified water.
  • 2. Herbal Lung 50ml liquid
    Contains herbal liquid extract blend:
    Herbal Congestion Mix (Viral)
    Fungal mix (fungal)
    Infection Fighter mix (bacterial)
    * Antibiotics drugs do not work on viruses because viruses are not alive. A bacterium is a living, reproducing life form. With a virus there is nothing to “kill,” so antibiotics don’t work.

    3. Liposomal Vitamin C 100ml liquid

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