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Consultation Advice

Teaching pet owners holistic Healthy lifestyle Choices for there pets

Diseases like Cancer, Obesity, Liver, Kidney Issues, Allergies, skin Issues, Diabetes ect in Dogs are all increasing.

The Pharmaceutical Companies and the vets have played a perfect role in this!

If you do not want to adopt a western dog care approach by feeding commercial kibble or toxic drugs to you pets this information is for you and your pet.

There is a better way to take care of taking care of our animals going back to there grass roots.

Through Bonnie and I I teach Holistic Healthy Lifestyle choices for your dog from fresh food, holistic animal remedies, Specialty Herbs, recipes and more! 

Have a question that you would like to ask?

Need some Guidance?

Maybe you are wondering about some food, herb or supplement for your dog?

 It's Simple

This consultation advice Includes:

A detailed reply on some recommendations plus a clear suggestion of some items / herbs etc that I have either used or know very well.

We are here for as long as you need us!


This is for educational purposes only. This does not substitute the advice of a holistic vet. This is for general purposes - not for any health issues. You are solely responsible for your decision and need to consult a holistic vet accordingly to you pets condition.

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