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Due to a high demand for our freeze dry meals and suppier delays we are experiencing longer than normal manufacturing times. We are working hard to get your orders out to you at the earliest time frame. Please contact us with any queries. Thank You

Cherry Eye, Dry Eye
Cherry Eye, Dry Eye
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Cherry Eye, Dry Eye

Dry Eyes, Cherry Eye, Chalazion Cyst (bumps on eyelid), Keratitis issues in all species.

  • Topical liquid eye rinse. Also for cherry eye.
  • Dry eye causing chalazion cyst on eyelids.
  • Cattle, animals, pets who have this condition.
  • Keratitis conjunctivitis for all species.

Set of 2
1. Eye O Rinse 30ml
2. Eye Vitamin 50ml

* We recommend also using in conjunction
the homeopthic  Drawing Out formula.

Non-Drug Prescription -  Set of 2 - for all species and ages

1. Eye O Rinse 30ml
Contains herbal & homeopathic combination:Hydrastis, Rue, Eyebright, ACV, Celandine Herbal Extract with homeopathic Belladonna 6X, Euphrasia 6X, Merc Corr 6X, Ruta Grav 6X, Zinc Met, Merc Sol 10M, Senega Off 6X, Nat Mur 6X, Conium Mac 6X.
~ A combination of soothing herbal solutions.  This formula helps a pet who may get DRY EYE from old age or any other factors.  Applied diluted first and drip some fluids on the side the of the eye. Add oil from one capsule (or more) of the Omega Oils into your pets daily diet - meals. Also try and encourage your dog to drink approx 10oz of Coconut Water daily. Or add it to coconut milk or goats milk. As coconut water is even better than an IV for hydration, it balances the electrolytes and restores moisture where it is needed in the body.

2. Eye Vitamin 50ml 
Contains homeopathic, nosode, sarcode complex: Gingko Bilba, Zinc, Oleu Jec, Vitamins A, C, D. B-1, B2, B6, 10M, with homeopathic Zinc Met, Euphrasia 10M (conjunctivitis) Calc Carb 10M, and Merc Sol 10M with Nit Acid 12X, 30C,10M (ulcers of cornea), Merc.Nitricusi 30C,10M (keratitis and conjunctivitis),Conium Mac (ulcers and scarring), Cineraria Mar 12X, Chinchona 30X, 1M, Zinc Sulph 30X, Nat Mur 30C, Merc Sol 6C,12X, 12C, CM, 50M (ulcers, pain), (NAR) Immunity support CM, Senega 30C (ulcer), (NAR) Trigeminal 6C, 30C,10M (face nerve pain), with the five "nerve" tissue salts, plus the Organ Sarcodes of the Eye Retina 12C, Macula Lutea 6C, Cornea 1M.

This homeopathic vitamin and remedies formula is prescribed for many eye nutrition to aid stressed or depleted health of the retina. A natural non drug solution from eyelid prolapse and glands and inflammation.

Cherry Eye

1. "Cherry Eye"   is defined as a prolapse of the gland of the third eyelid. The medical term is glandular hypertrophy. In dogs with Cherry Eye, the prolapsed gland is red and fleshy. It looks like a small cherry that suddenly pops up and protrudes from the corner of the eye. If one eye is affected, the other eye may or may not also be affected at a later date. Dogs with Cherry Eye are usually less than a year old. In addition to the redness and swelling, a clear or mucus discharge may also occur.

Dry Eye

2. The term "Dry Eye" describes changes that occur in the eye resulting from a lack of tears. 
DRY EYE (Keratoconjunctivitis sicca).
Tears supply the cornea with oxygen and nutrients; therefore they are essential to keep the cornea healthy. If the cornea is deprived of oxygen and food because of a lack of tear film, destructive changes occur quickly, leading to a condition called Dry Eye. The cornea can become pigmented, scarred, and ulcerated. Partial vision loss can also result. The eyes of dogs with Dry Eye burn and sting all the time just like ours do on a windy day.  Diagnosis is made by a tear test that measures how many tears the eye produces in one minute. In this case, low levels of tear production are detected. 
~ Add some coconut water in with goats milk or coconut milk and see if they will drink it. If not add to daily meals. As coconut water is even better than an IV for hydration, it balances the electrolytes (celtic salt) and restores moisture where it is needed in the body.
~ Epson Salt warm compressions just mix the Epson salts with hot water and soak a washcloth in it and rinse it out there is no salt as it dissolves in the hot water and hold on the cyst until cool and do as many times as you can a day, recommendation of twice a day for about a week. Example for humans, cattle and other species: mixed 1 cup of Epsom salt with 1 cup of hot water and soaked a washcloth in it and put it over eyes.


3.   Keratoconjunctivitishas been known to be a deficiency of the vitamin Biotin, resulting in the conjunctiva of the eyes. The immunity of the affected animal will be lowered and defects in B and T cells will occur.  The deficiency in the cells reduces the cell count, and consequently, the ability to fight against the invasion of harmful bacteria or a virus is substantially reduced.
~HIGHLY beneficial to add the Biotin Powder(or crushed tablet approx. 200mg - 300mg).
~ Plus the mineral Zinc Picolinate tablet (crushed) daily in meals, for a med to large animal. Half the amount for smaller pets.

Chalazion Cyst (or bumps)

4.   What is chalazion cyst (bump)?  on eyelids
Chalazion may be described as a bump that usually is located around the rim of a dogs eyelid. In some cases chalazion may be caused by the meibomian gland and a gland close to the eyelid, becoming stopped up. Usually, this is from discharge from a gland known as the sebaceous gland; this gland makes an oily matter. This oily matter typically helps a dogs eye close properly and may help leaking of tear on a dogs face. Chalazion may be more commonly found in older dogs verse younger dogs. Sometimes a vet may call it Chalazion when in fact it can be a fungal infection. It may be possible that the dog could have an underlying infection of some type. It may not be the main cause of the bump on the eyelid.

Extra help with clearing Chalazion Cyst 

We also recommended using in conjunction the homeopathic formula Drawing Out  30ml.  A wonderful remedy that helps hasten the clearing of blocked up meibomian gland and the gland close to the eyelid.  * It may take several weeks to clear.  Repeating 3 x daily.


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