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Due to a high demand for our freeze dry meals and suppier delays we are experiencing longer than normal manufacturing times. We are working hard to get your orders out to you at the earliest time frame. Please contact us with any queries. Thank You

Chemical Detox - Set of 2
Chemical Detox - Set of 2
Chemical Detox - Set of 2
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Chemical Detox - Set of 2

Chemical drug side effects, allergic reactions - past or current. E.g."Bravecto" poisoning, Ear mite neurotoxic poisons. Toxic sprays (i.e. roundup-glyphosate) - causing elevated liver enzymes, paralysis, seizures, nausea-vomiting.

  • Wormer, flea, heartworm "Insecticides Poisoning Products".
  • Toxic Pesticide & herbicides in parks & home lawns spray.
  • Malaseb Skin treatment, Cortisones (immune suppressant).
  • For all species and ages to assist in detox and repair.

Non-Drug Prescriptions - for all species and ages - Set of 2

Symptoms of side effects from "CHEMICAL DRUGS, SPRAYS, ALLERGY REACTIONS, EAR DROPS, SHAMPOOS, to the POISONS used in the drugs or products used

1. Chemical Detox  50ml drops
Contains homeopathic, nosode complex:  (NAR) Plumbum Compound, Acid Nit Compound, Allergy Balance detox 10M, (NAR) S.Chemical poisons formula 12X, 200C, (NAR) War 200C 6X (homeopathic antibiotic), (NAR) OM Immune System CM, (NAR) Cleansing Mix 30C, LM7 Lymphatic lymph glands 12C, Calc Sulp 4X, 1M, Kali Mur 4X,1M, Nat Sulph 4X, 12X, Silicea 6X, 200C, 50M, (detox), Acidophilus nosode 1M, Asafoetida 30C, 200C, Nux Vomica 12X(open up pathways after cortisone suppression), Lycopodium 30C (liver), Chelidonium 200C, Vaccine Heavy metals chelation - Mercury chelate 6C, 12C, 30C, 200C, Copper Chelate 6C, 12C, 30C, 200C, Lead Chelate 6C, 12C, 30C, 200C, Aluminium chelate 6C, 12C, 30C, 200C.

With some of the VET drugs- METRONIDAZOLE (Antibiotic drug) 30C, PANACUR (worming drug) 30C, TRAMADOL (pain relief drug) 30C, MILBEMAX  (wormer and heartworm drug) 30C, METETACAM  (Meloxicam) 30C.  Or  Oral Suspension for dogs and cats - as a anti inflammatory, COMFORTIS 30C - Comfortis® (spinosad) (heartworm prevention & flea treatment), DOXYCYCLINE 30C (broad spectrum antibiotic- tablets or oral liquid ), FLUCONAZOLE Drug 30C, PREDISONE- CORTIONE Drug 30C.  BRAVECTO 30C  (Bravecto® - flea and tick products)
SKIN Topical Treatment that is used is - MALASEB  (malaseb 30C) antibacterial and antifungal agents skin treatment (Miconazole Nitrate 2%, Chlorhexidine Gluconate 2%)  (side effects - skin allergy reaction, gastro-vomiting, eye pain and inflammation)
  ~  Apply a dose 3 x daily for 3 days.   In conjunction with the Activated Charcoal Powder (instructions supplied)  Note -  If your pet has been on any of these drugs long term, you may need to continue until wellness appears.   SEIZURES - pets that had and still having seizures from these drugs, also see the Seizure remedies to assist in repairing damages.

2. Charcoal activated liquid - 100ml Bottle
Contains organic 100% pure charcoal Virgin activated charcoal (Derived from selected natural hardwood). Natural charcoal for allergies, nausea, ulcers, vomiting, bloat, diarrhea, acid reflux, seizures, intestinal disorders, poisons, and drug overdoses. Helps pull out 4,000 toxins a day.  Plus VITAMIN C used as an antidote to any poisons three times a day.  If serious side effects, please use Vitamin c diluted in some water and oral syringe 4 times a day, which will help the antidote poison effect of the drug.   You can't give too much vitamin C, what the body does not need they will pee it out.

BRAVECTO" acute side effects or allergy reactions causing neurological and organ damages

For example - as we are seeing daily acute damages (to deaths) from this drug.

Your dog or cat will most likely have all of the below damages.  As we have been helping so many severely damaged pets from this drug, some are dying before we could help them.

~  Vitamin B12 - deficiency anemia.  
Anemia caused by low intrinsic factor production is called "Pernicious Anemia".  
Add vitamin B12 in meals twice daily. use the Liquid B12    
Give 1 to 2 drops in the gum of pets mouths, three to four times a day until improvement is seen that can reduce to 1 drop twice a day for a month.   * Plus Vitamin C (Liposomal liquid)  

~ Pancreatitis (acute inflammation)  * very painful condition
 Use Acute Pancreatitis 72-2 30ml

~ Chemical Poisoning Detox
Use Chem Detox 30ml with Activated Charcoal liquid

~ Neurological Brain Damages  ( as this toxic chemical is neurotoxin)
Symptoms-CNS (central nervous system) Cerebral Ataxia, e.g.paralysis, head nodding, paralysis agitates- tremor, impaired muscular coordination.
1. Brain Nerve  30ml drops
2. Paralysis Gone  30ml drops
3. Systemic Infection 50ml liquid

~  Relax muscles spasms and shakes.
Magnesium (mineral)  Magnesium drops   or    Magnesium Glycinate powder.

~  Diarrhea
Use slippery elm powder diluted and mixed in some liquid and oral syringe. 

~ Organ Failure     * already have chronic weak heart or kidney functions
Use Acute Nephritis 30ml        * Acute Inflamed Kidneys
Use Congestive Heart Failure 50ml  * Heart function

~ Seizures      * or spasms, jerking, tremors
Use Canine Seizure drops and Magnesium and B6 (p5p)  1 powder from capsules three times a day in food.

All Drugs have side effects

A weakened state of health or sensitivity to chemicals has several adverse reactions to drugs or chemical products. Side effects of vomiting, loose stools or just very lethargic to seizures. Or your pet has a vaccination reaction (immediately after, or most commonly 2 months later of chronic illness)

Then time to act as soon as possible to help detox the poisons. 

Example:   Vaccine contains heavy metals  .. Aluminium, mercury poisonings, cortisone.
Possible overdosing of drug medicines or other environmental toxins. If you or your neighbours have been using any type of chemical sprays and there may be possible poisoning - inhalant or ingesting toxins. Use this remedy now while at vets for a diagnosis.

Poisonous chemicals that are put in animal medicines like insecticides drugs for mange, flea and worm treatments like:
  • Ivermectin solution

  • Revolution

  • Grisovin

  • Conofite creams

  • Pyohex wash, and other insecticide drugs  (e.g. Heartworm drugs)

  • Garden - pesticides sprays    (all are toxic, even the ones that say pet-friendly)

  • chemical poisons   (i.e carpet cleaning other cleaning agents) of any kind.

  • many others... if you have the product - do a google search on side effects of the drug, chemical products.

ACUTE chemical poisoning?  

if you found your pet unconscious or labored breathing, having a fit (seizure), - immediately take your pet to the nearest Vet Clinic for emergency assistance. ... If you have Bach Flowers Rescue Remedy (for shock), use this on pets body every few minutes on the way to the hospital, this will help stabilize them.  Usually by the 3 or 4th repeat application pet is more relaxed. Take some for yourselves as well.


Also, give your animal BACH FLOWERS RESCUE REMEDY every 5 minutes of several drops anywhere on the body or gum of mouth. This will assist in reducing SHOCK.  Bach flower can be bought from us or any Health food store and some pharmacies.  Use this remedy before and afterward to detox the system probably.

Malaseb - Topical Skin antibacterial and antifungal  -  ( chemical Miconazole Nitrate 2%, Chlorhexidine Gluconate 2%) 
Warning of side effects.

Skin Irritation (allergy reaction)

When treated long-term or in dogs with very sensitive skin, irritation may develop. Watch your dog's skin for signs of further irritation directly related to the product. Take note of the skin's surface before the medication or shampoo is applied and notice if the skin deteriorates after use. Look for additional redness, scratching, and oozing.  Malaseb should never be directly applied to open wounds. Doing so may result in further damaged skin cells and infection. Ask a veterinarian prior to use if you have any questions.

Nausea and Vomiting  (gastro intestinal pain)

Malaseb should not be ingested. Careful attention should be paid to keep your dog from licking the areas where the malaseb was applied until the product has dried. Typically, if you are using a shampoo, once the fur is completely dried, your dog can run around unsupervised. If you use a spray or towelette, the area that is wet must be thoroughly dry before your dog can lick that spot. Distract your dog with a game of catch or take it on a long walk, ideally in the sun, to aid drying. If ingestion occurs, consult your veterinarian.

Eye Inflammation

Malaseb is not safe for a dog's eyes. When using a spray, hold your dog's head to the side or have another person help you hold your dog to avoid getting malaseb in the eyes. If, despite your efforts, some spray does enter your pup's eyes, wash out immediately with a cold water. Long tern eye damage is rare but precautions should be taken to avoid unnecessary pain and discomfort. If eye redness develops or if the affected area is close to your dog's eyes, consult a veterinarian.


Start giving your pet VITAMIN C
It is also very important to start Vitamin C therapy as soon as possible. Vaccinations severely deplete a pet of vitamin C

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