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Due to a high demand for our freeze dry meals and suppier delays we are experiencing longer than normal manufacturing times. We are working hard to get your orders out to you at the earliest time frame. Please contact us with any queries. Thank You

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CDS Solution for pets and humans - 100ml

Clears pathogens out, and poisons are then also oxidized, in order for restoring full health. e.g. cancers are toxic cells that mutate.

 Clears pathogens, once pathogens are wiped out and poisons are oxidized, through the normal process of elimination, the body washes them out and then the body is able to heal and be restored to full health. e.g. cancers are toxic cells that mutate.

  • CDS Solution works well on various types of cancers.
  • We are amazed and grateful for this wonderfully effective and fast acting formula.
  • Approx. 2,000 drops in a 100ml Bottle
  • Shelf Life, when storing in fridge for 2 years.

    Nearly all diseases and health problems can be remedied with MMS (CDS) by following the instructions. I want to say once more, that MMS does not cure diseases. MMS kills pathogens and oxidizes poisons anywhere they might be, including in the water of the body.

    Once pathogens are wiped out and poisons are oxidized, through the normal process of elimination, the body washes them out and then the body is able to heal and be restored to full health.


    * Pre-Mixed Solution
    The already  “Active Mineral Solution”  (which is called “CDS Solution”, a pre-mixed already solution)  above bottle.

    CDS preparation contains a solution of 3000 ppm, with 1ml of CDS
    MUST be kept out of direct sunlight, as the ultra violet component within sun light will break down the active molecule.  When seeking to store the CDS solution for any given amount of time, it is best to keep in a cool environment

    When not using the solution the fridge is a best option to store it.

    Note:   CDS loses its yellow color and potency –  if left in a glass diluted in water for any length of time.    So don’t let it sitting in a glass, use the dose straight away when diluting it to oral syringe.

    If improving on the dosing amount given, continue same amount each day.
    If not getting better and not getting worse, start to up the amount each day.
    If getting worse, then reduce the amount by 50% and continue, then once feeling better again, can then slowly increase amount again.

    e.g  … After 4 days to 5 days and your pet is doing better, continue to stay at the above amount.
    If your pet is good, but not slowing improving, then up the amount to 2ml of CDS solution.
    If your pet is got slightly worse, then reduce, stop for a couple of days then start up again but less amount for 3 – 4 days till no side effects, then can go up in amount if no improvement is seen.

    All the different ways to give the solution to your pet or animal
    Using CDS Solution (MM) – has been proven to be so effective for so many pets and people as a detox of all pathogens and heavy metals.

    But must go very slow and only small amounts while detoxing is allowed.

    Loose stools, sinus drainage, mild headaches, fatigue are all symptoms of pathogens dying off in your pets (or humans body). So stop if symptoms like this appear, then resume at a lower dose or less per week, for a few more weeks, then try and do more days, so symptoms are reduced. We are fully dedicated to helping you and your pet.

    On Chemo Drugs ?

    If your dog has cancer and on chemo, we can work in conjunction with your Vet if you decide to also use chemotherapy drugs.  
    However, both cancer and/or chemo treatment may lead to low blood counts.  
    You can reverse this condition using vitamin K2 (K2 supplement e.g  Jarrow formula brand) MK-7 capsules, and Cod liver oil. (vitamin A &D) The herb Echinacea and minerals magnesium and potassium will help increase red blood cell levels.
    The chemo can also cause residual bone marrow damage….
     meaning that the bone marrow becomes a sponge – like substance and will not produce any more blood cells ever. This causes pain all day long. You can fix this within weeks by feeding Bone Broth and Cannabis.  A success rate can be much higher when the pet has had no, or minimal, chemotherapy or surgery or radiation (radiation, if you asked the oncologist, will break up cancer cells, which can spread cancer as well), prior to commencing natural therapies.   This is because toxins in chemotherapy have serious side effects, surgery is both invasive and traumatic, and the routine drugs associated with cancer treatment can have a seriously detrimental effect on the animal’s immune function.


    What I use for my Cat Or Dog (or other small animals)  *Double the amount for larger pets / animals

     1.  ORALLY
    ~ CAT , TOY DOG
      start with 1ml of CDS solution and dilute in approx. two (2) tablespoons of water or pureed apples  or  diluted herbs  (Systemic Detox Immuno   or  other herbal formulas that have been provided) … then using a small oral syringe, do small sips side of mouth until 2ml is taken, repeating once a day.
      starting at 2ml of solution mixed with 25ml of juice made from actual apple puree  or apple sauce, and don’t give any food 1 hour either side of food.  Repeating 2 and if no detox or improvement go up to repeating 4 times a day.
    If after 2- 3 days and no change in health, continue, but repeat oral dosing 4 times a day.  If pet is feeling worse, lethargic etc, then stop for a couple of days and start again but with a lower dose, until they pick up again.   If then after 2ml four times a day, no worse and no improvement, go up to 3-4ml twice a day and so… until you see improvement, then stay at that amount.

    2.  DRINK
    using a syringe add 1ml – 2ml straight from CDS solution into milk drink   or   water dish.  (however if you cat does not drink milk, if you add drops to water dish most likely it won’t get touched as cats don’t drink water very often)  Be-aware if you dog stops drinking water, then put less of the solution in water or milk drinks or none,  or   just do oral syringing or/and in food. As the longer the solution sits in dish the less effective it becomes.

    TOPICALLY –  If treat health issues in the GUMS  or  EAR CANAL or teeth and THROAT
    –   E.G    
    epulis, tumour, rodent ulcers, teeth infection, ear infection
    Mixing 1ml -2ml in a tablespoon of water of the CDS solution
    e.g  Epulis – If a dog (which has a bigger mouth..  use a soft small brush or cotton bud soaked in the liquid and apply over the tumour or gum infection in mouth once a day)
    Smaller mouths,
     using an small oral syringe to do small squirts at a time in side of mouth, until 2ml is taken.
    Ear Canal
     – dribble down ear canal daily.* Orally no. 1 directions is mixing up liquid for swallowing, were as when treating gums direction no 4. The mixture is more to be applied over the actual tumour or epulis if possible.  

    Note:   CDS Solution as an alternative to applying topically the Black Salve paste
    Especially  when a oral or throat tumour,  it is difficult to apply the jar 4. Salve Paste JAR 30ml Jar, or you may choose not to use the salve at all.   That is fine too, don’t worry you can work on lesion by just using the CDS Solution in meals  and/or  Orally.

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