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Castor Oil - 50ml
Castor Oil - 50ml
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Castor Oil - 50ml

Castor Oil for Dogs and Cats

(Organic Cold Pressed)

Castor Oil is proven to be a natural treatment for a wide range of skin and health related issues. The natural components of the oil provide effective and positive results quickly.

The reasons behind the use of Castor Oil is used for dogs to include:

* It strengthens the immune system

* Treats fungal skin infections

* Hydrates skin and reduces irritations

* Keeps fur coat clean and repels ticks and fleas

Soothes skin allergies

Castor Oil is a natural emollient that penetrates the surface layers of the skin, making it softer and more supple.

Our Castor Oil is the finest quality. It is cold pressed, cold pressed and contains no artificial ingredients.


Castor Oil is used to treat benign growths on dogs skin and tumors. The oil effectively reduces the size of the tumor growth with regular applications.

Castor Oil is used topically on tumors, growths and cysts on dogs and cats. The oil is massaged into the affected area twice daily to achieve positive results. Castor Oil mostly opens up the wound and drains the toxins out of it. If the tumor or cyst does open up, clean the wound carefully with our Colloidal Silver to help stop bleeding and prevent infection and which will allow drainage of toxins.

A castor oil pack is an option, though may be difficult to implement for most pets. With a castor oil pack, castor oil is applied to several layers of cloth which are then placed at the area of concern and covered with plastic wrap and a heating pad for an hour or more at a time.

With Castor Oil use, the tumor or cyst may begin to look worse at first. Tumors and Cysts can change colour, they may have discharge or bleed. If there is an open wound, it must be kept clean with Colloidal Silver to help keep infection away.

Castor Oil is also messy and precautions to furniture and carpets may be prudent.


Older cats and dogs can develop cataracts in the eyes. Typically eyes will have  a cloudy appearance. To treat cataracts with castor oil, use an eyedropper and apply 1 drop of castor oil into each eye once or twice a day. It can take several months to see the desired results.

 Fur Loss

Castor Oil is used to promote hair growth. Depending on the cause of fur loss, it may promote fur growth in pets.


One of the most common problems associated with dog skin is itching and skin infection. Castor oil holds potent anti-bacterial properties which work to treat the infection and kill all infection causing bacteria. It also has analgesic components in it which soothe the pain and irritation that occurs along with skin infections.

Castor oil also holds anti-fungal properties which treat dogs skin fungal infections. The fungal infections often lead to serious complications if left untreated or treated poorly. Castor oil gets absorbed into the deepest skin layer and heals skin, suffering from fungal infections. Castor oil is a rich oil. Massaging castor oil into dry skin areas can be soothing and promote healing.

Itchy Skin

Itchy Skin of a dog is often a result of infection or fleas. Castor oil works as a repellent towards fleas and ticks. The oil kills and removes the already present ticks and fleas and also protects the fur of the dog from future infestations of parasites.

Massage the oil into the skin of the dog to keep skin hydrated and nourished. The oil penetrates the layers of the skin and locks in moisture to treat dry skin patches and reduces skin itching.

Warts / Growths

Castor Oil significantly reduces the size of the skin outgrowths, also known as warts. The oil punctures warts and drains all toxins and waste from it. That reduces the size of the wart and helps make the skin healthier and better.

Ear Infections

Castor Oil treats ear infections. Kills infection bacteria and fungus.

 Dry Nose

Castor oil can be used to moisturize the dry nose of a dog.

Joint Pain

Castor oil, massaged gently into painful joints can provide pain relief. This is ideally only part of an overall treatment plan for arthritis in dogs.

Ingredients: Ricinus Communis (Castor Oil Organic)

Cold Pressed, hexane-free and food grade organic castor of the highest quality.

A natural and organic Castor Oil will provide you with the most benefits as the chemical free nature of the oil will help heal dogs skin safely and produce long lasting effects.

Castor Oil is a wonderful remedy for the owners of pets as well! 


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