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Blushwood Berry Tumour treatment for dogs and cats - 50ml
Blushwood Berry Tumour treatment for dogs and cats - 50ml
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Blushwood Berry Tumour treatment for dogs and cats - 50ml

A highly fast acting anti Cancer herb.

Australian Native Plant found in Far North Queensland  This recommended brand is alcohol free and a concentrate. ( a pleasant taste)   

This concentrate tincture is good for all size species


TOPICAL: Saturate treatment area and cover if possible. Use three times daily.
INTERNAL: Add to food or directly into the pet’s mouth. Use three times daily. *Not as effective if adding it to meals. but if you have to do so.


Ingredients: Blushwood Berry, Sustainable Palm Oil Glycerin, Reverse Osmosis Purified Water

It may take up to 2 months to see reduction of tumour or on a scan.

NOTE: We have found this herb and homeopathics CF- 1 and CF-2 cancer remedies and a teaspoon of Liposomal Vitamin C liquid, work well together.

  • ALCOHOL FREE FORMULA - Oral or Topical Application
  • PROPRIETARY INFUSION PROCESS - Ensures the Maximum Amount of EBC-46 Extraction for Highest Potency
  • INDEPENDENT LABORATORY TESTING - Certified Authentic, Safe, Pure, and Natural
  • MEDICINAL BENEFITS of EBC-46 - Supports Immune System and Damaged Cells
  • NO HEAVY METALS, LEAD, OR PESTICIDE RESIDUES - Toxin-Free 100% Plant-Based Formula
  • VEGAN - NON-GMO - GLUTEN FREE - NO SOY - Naturally Grown and Harvested

Further information about the Plant Herb

The seeds of the berry from the Blushwood tree have been shown to rapidly kill cancer tumours by scientists under Dr.Glen Boyle at the Queensland Institute of Medical Research, Australia; the tree is found in the Rainforest around the Atherton Tablelands in Northern Queensland.

Australian scientists isolate fast acting cancer ’drug’ from the Blushwood Tree Berry

A team of cancer scientists at the Queensland Institute of Medical Research, Australia have extracted a compound from seeds contained in the berry of the Blushwood tree (Fontainea picrosperma) and shown they are rapidly effective against cancer in real life. The tree only grows in the Atherton Tablelands, an area of Rainforest in the North of Queensland.

Taking an extract of the natural berry and encapsulating it, or making a concentrate for injection, immediately confers on it the title ‘drug’.

The development work is being overseen by Dr. Glen Boyle and the ‘drug’ is being called EBC-46. His experiments started in 2014 with melanoma models as well as cancers of the head, neck and colon. In most cases a single injection starts killing the cancer off in 4-5 hours making this really a ‘wonder’ treatment.

EBC-46 Drug produces purpling around tumour within just 5 minutes

Early studies looked at cancers in cats, dogs and horses. Dr. Boyle says that the results are impressive – the drug starts working instantly, producing a purpling around the area of the tumour within 5 minutes. 24 hours later and the tumour is black, and a few days later the tumour falls off.

Boyle says the compound works in three ways – it kills the tumour, cuts off the blood supply and activates the immune system to clear the mess up. In more than 70% of the pre-clinical animal model cases, the response and cure were long-term and ‘enduring’ with little or no relapse.

The work then moved on to include colon, breast and prostate cancers, and the results showed a 75% success rate.

Formal Veterinary clinical trials are already taking place in Australia and America, led by the Brisbane biotechnology company, Qbiotics, having been handed on by EcoBiotics, the company that discovered the berry seeds originally.

Human trials of Blushwood berry successful

In 2015/6   QBiotics moved on to Human trials;  8 different patients with 4 different cancers were treated across Australia. The cancers - melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma, basal cell carcinoma and breast adenocarcinoma, were all beaten.

Dr. Victoria Gordon, CEO of QBiotics said that none of the patients showed any side-effects.

“It’s proving our theory that it’s not species-specific, and it’s not tumour-specific either, because it’s actually working in a range of tumours,” said Gordon.

With 11 more patient trials under her belt, she feels the drug will be commercially available within 4 years. The drug is already close to approval for the Veterinary market – the initial trials in America have led to further approvals.

Already, people are trying to grow the plant at home and make home-made recipes; so much so that nurseries in Cairns have run out of trees. The berries are actually poisonous, so this doesn’t sound a good idea anyway.

Chris Woollams, former Oxford University Biochemist and founder of CANCER active added, "We can only hope that QBiotics gains the approvals needed and controls the delivery of the product itself.

The last time we heard of a natural product achieving ‘wonder’ drug status (the herb artemisinin bound to iron), it was immediately sold by its developers to a pharmaceutical company and nothing more was heard about it. The same happened when the herb ‘Feverfew’ beat the lymphoma drugs in a clinical trial. The FDA promised to fast track it.

That was 10 years or more ago. Australians have also been the originators of a herbal remedy for skin cancer and breast cancer tumours called ’Black Salve’."

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