Bladder Incontinence - 50ml
Bladder Incontinence - 50ml
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Bladder Incontinence - 50ml

  • For non-infections of bladder-dribbling incontinence.
  • Natural ingredients with easy non-fuss applying.
  • Refer to: Sterilization  Set drops - leaking after spaying.
  • Muscle weakness or damages also supported.

Non-Drug Prescription of Natural Pet Formulas for all species

Bladder Incontinence  50ml  drops
Contains homeopathic, nosode complex:  Pulsatilla 10M, Plant, Gels, Verb Thap, Causticum 6X, 6C, 10M, Ferr Phos 6X, Kreosotum 1M, 10M (bedwetting) Cantharis 30C (NAR) KBS formula 6X, 10M, (incontinence, kidney, arthritis), Lathyrus Sat, Alumina, with homeopathic organ sarcodes of the Bladder the Sphincter muscle, Urethra, Muscle and Nerve in a 3X to 6C, 30C and 200C strength along with Hyoscyamus 12C, 1M (bedwetting, leaking), Equisetum 6C, Hydrangea Arboreseens 1X, 6X, 12C,10M (stricture, kidney, bladder urinary gravel or stones relief, colic pain, urinary incontinence), Rhus Aromatica 30X, 10M (senile incontinence, constant dribbling, cystitis) Sepia 5X, 30X, 200X, ( rectum disorder, urine incontinence),

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