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Black Seed Oil Organic Cold Pressed for Dogs - 50ml

Benefits of Black Seed Oil for Dogs -

Cancer - Black seed oil works great for dogs with cancer because it boosts immunity and at the same time, helps block cancer cell growth and induce apoptosis (programmed cell death). This oil can also be applied directly on the dog's cancer areas or tumor site as it may help in shrinking the tumor via skin absorption.

Boosts Dog's Immunity & Helps with Allergies - Black seed oil helps in boosting your dog's immunity and this fact goes hand in hand with the zillion cures it offers and the health benefits. Black seed oil helps neutralize the histamines - making it a perfect addition to your dog's diet for combating allergies. If your dog has allergies, and issues like hair loss, excessive mucus, drooling, itchy eyes, teary eyes, ear infections, etc., then try giving some black seed oil daily and you will see a huge improvement in your dog's allergies and overall health.

Helps Dogs with Arthritis, Hind-Legs Stiffness, Rheumatism & Other Inflammatory Conditions - Black seed oil has thymoquinone which helps in reducing inflammation. Test tube studies as well as human studies have found the same result - that N. sativa helps in inhibiting inflammation fast and thus, helps in reducing pain. This is powerful information for those who have senior dogs, dogs with cancer, or dogs who have been in some accident and are in the recovery phase. Massaging the dog with warm black seed oil can be very beneficial, soothing and will heal the tissue and muscle damage very fast.

For Dogs with Digestive Issues - Adding a little bit of black seed oil to your dog's diet will help avoid digestive upsets like bloating, gas, constipation and weak elimination.

Helps Dogs with Proper Elimination - This oil is a great aid for keeping things 'regular'  - thus helping in proper elimination of toxic waste. Similarly, just like for us, it is a great aid for dogs too. Remember, without proper elimination, your dog's body is the breeding ground for diseases like cancer, yeast infections, IBS/IBD, allergies, fever, itchy skin, ear infections, and well, just about every disease you can think of. Toxic waste needs to come out and if you need to, add a teaspoon or two to your dog's diet and see if the dog is eliminating better. If not, adjust the amount and go from there.

Helps Dogs with Healthy Skin & Coat - Black seed oil is anti-inflammatory and rich in nutrients, hence it will help with great skin and coat for your dog. It also helps in reducing dryness, itchiness, dry flaky skin, redness, eczema, etc. for your furry friend. Simply mix some black seed oil with some other oil of your choice like organic coconut oil and apply on your dog's skin or undercoat. Comb the dog's coat afterwards and see the difference.

Keeps Fleas & Ticks Away from Dogs - Due to its spiciness and the smell, fleas, mosquitoes and ticks are naturally kept at bay from your dog. This oil can be a wonderful alternative to your dog care regimen instead of the cancer causing chemical flea and tick products. So, not only does it protect from cancer, boosts immunity, beautifies the dog's coat and skin, but also helps with fleas and ticks? That's a win-win!

Dogs with Epilepsy or Seizures - Black seed oil is very beneficial for dogs that are prone to epilepsy or even for those who have 'disturbed mind' . If your dog is prone to seizures or epilepsy, then you must start giving black seed oil to your dog right away.

Note about taste & smell of black seed oil for dogs:-

When giving black seed oil to your dog you might require some creativity on your part - your dog may not like the taste or the pungent smell. You can try mixing the oil with some strong food eg sardines, goat's milk ect or just add it to there meals.

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