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Drawing Out Support
Drawing Out Support
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Drawing Out Support

Abscess, tooth, gum infection, ranula, cheesygland, pigeon fever, gangrene, anti-tetanus, chondroids (“stones”), salivary duct stones. Cysts - salivary, syringomyelia, interdigital furunculosis, pseudocyst, sebaceous

  • Bone infections, Wound clearing, Ranula, deep pyodermas, Pasteurella.
  • Teeth, gum, face, ear clearing, Grass seed, Cheesy gland, blocked gland.
  • Any part of body, stop infection spreading, Abscess, Gangrene healing.
  • Try before considering surgery, as it drains and stop infection.

Any other morbid matter in the body and also prevents infection from spreading.

from toes, ear canal, tooth abscess, boils, draining fissures, leg ulcers, carbuncles, syringomyelia (cyst filled with fluid), pasteurella, chondroid (Equine Strangles), Infected wound, nocardia infection, mucus in the sinus, tonsils, ears, uterus or rectum, interdigital furunculosis (cysts) between your dog's toes, salivary cysts (blocked). Sometimes the situation has been a long-standing one or even gangrene wounds. 

This remedy will sort all these conditions - without the need for surgical intervention, it will also stop infection spreading.


Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis is a bacterial infection affecting horses and other species of animals such as cattle, goats, sheep, camels, and buffalo. 

Cheesy Gland (Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis) abscesses in goats and sheep.

Chondroid “stones” of pus (Streptococcus equi subspecies-associated guttural- pouch abnormalities such as empyema and chondroids)

SKIN and BONE conditions for all species: 
Skin - there is also a condition called Deep Pyodermas (pus under the skin) and Chondroid “stones” of pus  (S. equi ssp equi-associated guttural- pouch abnormalities such as empyema and chondroid)

Bone-  some pets or animals are needing an effective treatment for "bone Infection" called  "Osteomyelitis".  

FACE - head - for all species


~ Ranula
 - a simple ranula is a mucous retention cyst of the sublingual gland, resulting from obstruction of the duct. It is a true cyst with an epithelial lining.  A ranula presents as a painless, cystic, bluish swelling in the floor of the mouth. Which can be resolved using homeopathic Drawing Out16 drops 4 times a day until obstruction (swelling) starts clearing and reducing of swelling, then can reduce the frequency. 
~ Sinus infection - help drain the infection, use in conjunction with herbs.
~ Gingivitis - gum disease and inflammation - preventing infection, tooth abscess.
~ Ear Infections - pus, infected wounds, any type of infected wounds or cuts and a serious gangrene wound, any acute or chronic tooth infection. 
~ Eye Tear Duct Gland - swelling of the lachrymal or blockage, Tear duct gland (overflowing) or - swelling of the lachrymal (blockages). Tooth - mouth Infections, salivary gland blockage (abscess)
~ Salivary Duct Stones - the Drawing Out 16 drops will help, but to dissolve stones and prevent new ones your dog will need to balance the calcium (salivary stones are calcium phosphate and calcium carbonate, can crystalize and form stones). The way to help in the body with the calcium imbalances is by adding the mineral Magnesium. Example: Magnesium Glycinate powder for med to larger pets, or use the ReMag magnesium drops for smaller pets.

Non-Drug Prescription of Natural Medicines for all Species
* this formula was originally developed by a Doctor in India. It is one of the best formulas for our pets.

Drawing Out - 50ml Bottle
Contains homeopathic, nosode complex: Hepar Sulp 4X, Pasteurella Multocida nosode 12X, 30X, 1M, Gunpowder nosode 1M, Hydrastis 1M, Anthracinum nosode, (NV) Anti-Scar formula, Pyprogeniun nosode,(is good where abscess were mistreated and gone wrong), Calc Carb, Bone Staphyloccocus bacteria nosode 1M, Nitric Acidum, (NAR) Trigeminal Neuralgia formula 1M, Myristica Seb 4X, Nocardia Bacteria nosode 6C, 30C, Hippozaeninum nosode 4C,12X, 30X, 200C,1M, Silicea 6X, Kreostum 4X,12X, 200X (abscess, syphilis ulcers), Ledum 30C, 6X (tetanus prevention or relief), Thiosinaminum 3X,12X (enlarged lymph glands), Phytolacca 3X, 12X ( hastens suppuration), Tarentula cubensis 30C, 200C.

Active Ingredients:
Hepar Sulp -   in low potencies it will hasten suppuration of abscess, boils, decay to release pus infection.
GunPowder nosode  - holds infection so does not spread.
Trigeminal Neuralgia nosode  -  nerve pain in face. 
Myristica Seb 4X -  great anti-septic powers, cellular tissue, aids suppuration, ulcerations, Inflammation of skin, cellular tissue and periosteum. Traumatic infections, parotitis, fistulas, carbuncles. 
Hippozaeninum nosode  - ulcers in the mouth, odor of breath putrid, and general abscesses, boils, cancer, ulceration, glands inflamed.
Silicea 6X  - helps to remove every atom of morbid material in the body. Eye - Tear duct gland (overflowing) or - swelling of the lachrymal (blockages).
Tarentula cubensis -  treat abscesses with burning pains, gangrene, septicaemia, toxaemia

We have also added the Pasteurella multocida nosode 12X, 30X,1M in homeopathic formula Drawing Out formula.

Example:  a number of pets have been tested positive for Pasteurella is a gram-negative bacteria. Pasteurella multocida found in the mouths of approximately 75-80% of all cats. Cats with tartar build up and gingival disease have a higher rate of infection than cats with clean teeth. Symptoms are usually a swelling and local infection around the wound, which may lead to an abscess. More serious systemic symptoms can include sinusitis, pneumonia and brain abscess. In systemic pasteurellosis of young dogs, disease consists mainly of hemorrhagic septicemia and pneumonia.

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