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MSM Pure Organic Sulphur
MSM Pure Organic Sulphur
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MSM Pure Organic Sulphur

MSM will help your dog with the following-

  • severe skin conditions like itching, mange, hair loss, odor, redness, etc.
  • hair loss & excessive shedding
  • bad doggie odour
  • help to prevent cancers - ALL cancers!!!
  • arthritis - will help and prevent arthritis in your dog...forever!!
  • healthy nails and beautiful coat
  • reduce or eliminate ear infections
  • will get rid of Giardia, cocci, worms, parasites, bacteria, germs, etc. in your dog's tummy!!
  • will prevent diarrhea in your dog and return poop to being firm again!!
  • boost energy and your dog's overall mood and appetite
  • will detoxify your dog's body from toxic waste build-up
  • will clear the urinary tract AND prevent uti's in your dog - something very common that most dog owners experience these days!
  • will clear the bladder and kidney load in your dog - thus preventing stones and crystals in the urine or urinary blockages and the expensive vet bills!!!
  • will boost recovery time from accidents, surgery, delivery, etc.
  • NO more allergies for your dog ever even when all the other neighbourhood dogs are sick & scratching!
  • NO more fear or expenses of hip dysplasia for your dog!! Never.
  • will keep your dog's eyesight very healthy...forever.


This item is a God sent for dogs. Now you know the benefits.

Nourishes and fortifies tissues and Cells. Contains over 99% Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) and under 0.5% Moisture.

Is MSM safe for pregnant dogs? MSM is one of the most safest supplements ever - almost with zero toxicity ever reported!. It has infact been classified as GRAS supplement - Generally Recognized As Safe! Yup. It is that safe!!

 But it's safety hasn't been studied for pregnant dogs. So, for now, don't use it for your pregnant dog - just wait a little while and after the pregnancy ordeal is all over, you can then start for your dog.

 Also, dogs allergic to MSM should not be given either. Also, I do not advice MSM for dogs prone to seizures or epilepsy and that is because it can cause too much energy in the brain for those dogs.

 Other than that, it is super safe.

Human Benefits:



Asthma and Hay Fever


Rheumatoid Arthritis



Emphysema - Lung Problems

Eye Conditons


Gastro-Intestinal Problems

Insect Bites and Burns


Mental Normalcy

Muscle Pain

Chronic Pain Syndromes


Scar Tissue



Skin, Hair and Nail Conditions


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