First Aid Kit for Animals

Natural medicines that may assist first aid.

  • Emergency Stress - Fear, shock, trauma,
  • Sting n Bite - Stings, allergic reaction, spider, bee etc
  • Pain Eze - After surgeries or injuries or cancer pain.  
  • Drawing Out - drains pus-infection in wounds, abscess, cysts teeth etc.
  • Anti Bleed - Possible haemorrhage (any severe blow to the body or fall accident, car accident
  • Colloidal Silver - 
  • Infection Clear - Infection, fever, inflammations anywhere in the body.
  • Acute BloatAcute “Gastric Bloat”, “Colic in horses”  Colic in any species (stomach pain)   
  • Vitamin C - 
  • Snake Bite - A fast-acting antidote for ALL species, Snake venom, insect poisons as a prophylactic, for any type of snake venom bites
  • Inflammation - muscle pain (inflammation), sprains, ligament or tendon pain.  
  • Heat ExhaustionStroke Sun or heat exhaustion or exhaustion
  • Slippery Elm Powder -