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Pet Calm - Helping calm your pet or animal naturally
Pet Calm - Helping calm your pet or animal naturally
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Pet Calm - Helping calm your pet or animal naturally

  • What happens to cause a stressed pet … may be of benefit for changes, uncertain or traumatic events causing anxiety.
  • May be of benefit when a pet is not coping with difficulty in changes (moving house, vet visit, new pets) in life causing stress and concerns.
  • May be of benefit when anxious when left a boarding kennel or Vets
  • May be of benefit for separation anxiety issues, shelter or rescued animals.
  • Fear, stress, or depression are all part of the animal’s life.
  • Moving house can also cause great stress on felines
  • Shelf Life Several Years (unopened or opened)

  • A pet or animal who have been through trauma, rescued, impounded or treated unkindly all need comforting and help.

    Rescued from pound or animals from a shelter, staying boarding kennels, going to the Vet, plane or car trips, or generally a sensitive nervous pet or animal. We sometimes are unsure why our pet is clingy whilst humans are at home. Sometimes a pet is elderly and needing this contact for support.

    Or if young or middle age it could also mean they are displaying uncertainty about the energy they are picking up around them or with themselves. I would check to see if teeth and stools and weeing is fine. Feel for any lumps in the body, check eyesight.

    Older dogs will become clingy when eyesight may be fading due to cataracts.

    Separation anxiety is quite a problem within a household of loving family members. You come home from a long day at work to a spinning, jumping whirlwind of energy.

    Your dog follows you into your living room, where you find that he has chewed on your favourite pair of shoes. Your neighbours come by to tell you that, once again, your dog has been driving the neighbourhood crazy by howling and barking while you were away.   If this sounds like your dog, then perhaps they are having separation anxiety issues. In nature, dogs are almost never away from their pack. It is our job to help make this unnatural situation less stressful! 

    Non-Drug Pet Prescriptions - for all species

    Pet Calm Eze  50ml Bottle
    Contains homeopathic complex: Avena Sativa 30X, (nervous system),  Cistus Cana, Humulus Lupulus 30X, Ignatia 30X, Kali Phos 200X, Passiflora, Sumbul 30X, Valerina 200X, with Bach Flowers Rescue Remedy, Impatiens, Clematis.

    Can apply drops to back of shoulder blades, water bowl and meals or pill form into meals, in mouth or water bowl, for as long as needed. If acute symptoms, apply to body every 5 to 15 minutes or so to get fast response and healing.

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