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Tick Paralysis Protection - 50ml
Tick Paralysis Protection - 50ml
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Tick Paralysis Protection - 50ml

Tick Paralysis Protection. Paralysis Tick Oral Nosode, Lyme Oral Nosode e.g. ticks in general, as well for Australian tick paralysis (Ixodes Holocuclus). A homeopathic tick prophylactic.
  • Protect from a toxic reaction to poison tick bites.
  • Covers Lyme infection tick or mosquitos carry the bacteria.
  • Not all ticks or mosquito will cause a problem.
  • Always check your pet daily for ticks.

Non Drug Prescription - for all species and ages

Tick Paralysis Oral Nosode  50ml drops
Contains homeopathic, nosode complex:Tick Paralysis Nosode (Ixodes Holocuclus) 30C, 200C,1M, QLD Typhus Tick nosode 6C, 30C, 200C,1M, Lymes spirochet borrelis nosode 30X, Rocky Mountain spotted Fever (richetsia) nosode 200C, Ledum 1M (to antidote puncture wound of the tick bites).

Prophylactics are homeopathic remedies used for disease prevention.

CANINE:  tick season, add 3 drops in meals once to twice a week. Otherwise, non tick season can/ or also stir in 3 - 4 drops to water dish once a week or every time you change water bowl if more than once a week.
FELINE:  mix 3 drops in meals once a week.
FARM ANIMALS, WILDLIFE, FERAL ANIMALS:   stir in a dose to water trough and dam, a waterhole.
Note: It will not stop them from attaching to the body, but if a toxic bite tick will not have an acute reaction to it if bitten.

"PROTECTION"  from acute "toxic reaction"
Tick Paralysis Bite- Queensland
Tick Typhus  (acute rickettsial)
Lyme tick or infected mosquito bites  (which is in Australia and worldwide)

Help the immune system to have an immunity toxic reaction to the toxins of the paralysis tick antigens. Refer to Tick Paralysis treatment set if your pet or animal has tick paralysis symptoms, even if at the Vets you can still help your pet tremendously with a faster response.

Grasp the tick very close to your pet's skin with a tick removal tool or a pair of tweezers. Carefully pull the tick's body away from the skin.  Or buy a "Tick Stick" tool and have it on hand if ever needed.
Once it's off, flush it down the toilet. Once it's off, flush it down the toilet. Then disinfect your dog or cat's skin with Vitamin C powder (made into a paste or liquid by adding some water). 
* If suspect a toxic tick, then vitamin c can remove toxins, discomfort, also give a teaspoon of vitamin c in some water ( about 1/4 cup or less) and oral syringe small sips till liquid is taken. (not all ticks have are toxic or have side effects)

What is an Oral Nosode? 
A nosode could be described as an "oral vaccine" in the sense that its purpose is to "immunize" the body against a specific disease. It is prepared from the actual organism which is associated with the disease in question and may derive from filtrates containing only the exotoxins of the bacteria, or from emulsions containing both bacteria and their toxins. These filtrates are then potentised a million times to produce the energy only of the disease and this energy stimulates the entire natural immune system to react against a specific disease, so this becomes an oral vaccine for humans as well as pets. 

A non-drug prescription dosing protocol: 
One dose once a day for four days 
One dose once a week for 4 weeks 
One dose once, per month for 4 months 
Then booster of one dose once per year for four years, then no more needed thereafter. 

Larvae appear late Feb to April / May (not causing toxic damages) 
Nymphs March to September / October (occasional mild toxins, opportunity to gain resistance in tick-infested areas).
The adult population emerges in August to February, peaking around December (Toxic season so search for ticks on your pets daily!)

Signs most commonly seen include - Vomiting and/or gagging or refusing food, a slight wobbliness of the hindquarters which worsens to paralysis and inability to stand, a change in the sound of bark or meow, vomiting and / or gagging or refusing food, difficulty breathing (slow and laboured, often with a grunting noise on expiration). 

* If your pet is showing ANY of these signs and you don't have a natural treatment for tick bite, it is IMPORTANT that your pet is treated appropriately AS SOON AS POSSIBLE as untreated animals may die. e.g. vitamin C oral dosing, Bach Flowers Rescue Remedy, see below information. 

If needing immediate support please seek a good vet who has dealt with tick bites. Sometimes you may find a tick or ticks on your pet and it is not showing any clinical signs. In such cases, you should remove all the ticks, keep your pet quiet and closely watch him/her for the next 24-36 hours as signs may still develop despite the removal of the ticks. If this happens, treatment is necessary. The toxin is not secreted in detectable amounts until 3 days of attachment.

Clinical signs of the animal being sick are often seen at day 3-4 with peak toxicity on days 5-6. 

These 3 days gives us a chance to find and to remove ticks before they inject large amounts of toxin. Not every animal will become paralyzed or get really sick. Weight, age, and immune competence count smaller and younger animals such as puppies, kittens, foals, calves, lambs and kids are more affected. Tick infested areas may continuously expose dogs so they develop immune resistance however it only lasts for a couple of months and not until the next season. However, infestation by adults can occur at any time of the year when conditions are suitable, even in mid-winter.

~ Tick and Flea Chemical Free Alternatives as well.

1.   Using Diatomaceous Earth (DE) dry talc. An excellent choice for short term problem remediation and, longer term, keeping bugs at bay with regular reapplications. Dust pets bedding and areas where the pet sleeps, including carpets, loungers and rugs. Topically, use sparingly and lightly working the product into the hair using a brush or comb. Paying attention strict attention to the areas that the animal cannot scratch such as the scalp.   * Avoid face and nose, eyes and ear area.

2.  Topical Tick Repellant: Our Herbal Spray, Neem Spray, Lemongrass Spray Cedar Oil Spray or Catnip Oil Spray for cats spray on your pet each day when going out side for walks etc.

Tick saliva is "Neuro and Cardiotoxic" what means it has a deleterious effect on the heart and nervous system causing ascending paralyzes.
There is a concentration of saliva and presumably toxin in the granulomatous reaction around the tick mouth parts. It is thought by some experimenters that the residual toxin located in this granuloma is at least partially responsible for the increasing paralysis which occurs after the tick is removed.

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